The "Taiwan Telecom fraud": the transfer of 3 months – posing as public security dens Beijing, "I am the personnel of the public security organ, XXX (name), the public security bureau to find you know why? Before we send the investigation documents, to inform you for questioning instructions, you did not come forward to deal with……" You may have received such a call. Posing as public security fraud, more known as the "Taiwan Telecom fraud case", because in such cases, the suspect dens and servers in foreign countries, has the characteristics of non-contact and concealment, against the arrest of no small difficulty. Recently, the Ministry of public security command of Zhejiang public security organs successfully cracked a large cross-border telecommunications network fraud cases, involving 3 large cross-border telecommunications network fraud criminal gangs, arresting posing as public security implementation of telecommunications network fraud suspects (101 people, 76 people, 25 people in Taiwan), involving 135 cases, involving more than 2000 million yuan. Taiwan Telecom fraud Gang is how to form? Fraud dens is how to operate? Why is this type of fraud is so rampant? The reporter interviewed the police custody and some telecommunications fraud suspects. How do gangs form? All kinds of gangs "company", 3 month transfer dens in Wenzhou District of Ouhai City Detention Center, the reporter saw some of the suspects in custody. The 39 year old man from Taiwan Dong Moumou, a gang of the management project was escorted back home, together with him in Kampuchea dens was arrested along with 26 other people. As a fraud dens organization and management personnel, Dong Moumou not only responsible for personnel management, and the relationship between the Taiwan transfer dens, life is also responsible for procurement and other work personnel outside the dens. Fraudsters often referred to as the "traffic fraud dens", Dong Moumou was arrested, the company is located in Kampuchea in a three storey villa. The "Taiwan Telecom fraud is the group operation crime industry, such a" company "of the operation, the need for multiple sub Gang clear division of labor support between them may be affiliation, may also be a mutually beneficial relationship, there may be a single service relationship." Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment of a brigade Deputy captain Lu Likun said, "the actual investment fraud traffic dens as" golden master ", usually is Taiwanese, according to the amount of money to cheat to obtain Commission; call the implementation of fraud is" operator ", specifically divided into line, line two, line three and line; responsible for network equipment maintenance in traffic dens is" keyboard "or" computer "; transfer dens called" water room ", generally located in Taiwan; to provide bank card called ‘car’, ‘drivers’ personnel withdrawal……" To avoid combat, the gang over a period of time will be the substitution. "The first dens in Phnom Penh, from the beginning of March 2016 to late May end. Second dens started from the beginning of June this year, also in Phnom Penh, 20 minutes drive from the first dens." Zhuang said the suspect. "3 months is a more cost-effective and safe cycle, ‘company’ staff to replace." Has nearly two years of fraud experience dongmou.相关的主题文章: