UnCategorized For a realistic military style live action game, nothing quite compares to Airsoft games. The degree of realistic accuracy in both the dress and equipment can be very impressive. What makes this degree of accuracy possible? Besides the availability of military surplus supplies, the guns themselves can really make things as close to the real thing as one could imagine without using the real firearms themselves. How can this be achieved? By using three basic technologies, all of which can be observed in different types of Airsoft pistols. Airsoft gaming must not be confused with shooting BBs at each other. First, BBs fire a metal ball whereas Airsoft weapons fire a soft, plastic ball. Secondly, the traditional BB gun has a much higher muzzle velocity than an Airsoft gun. It is possible to do serious harm and kill animals with BB guns where as one would have a hard time doing so with Airsoft pistols. Actually, players sometime do not notice when they have been shot by a competitor. Airsoft guns were originally developed in Japan as a result in the country’s banning of firearms and a continued interest in weaponry. Why these first guns were made out of plastic, an emphasis in accuracy and realism came to play and gradually developed to the Airsoft pistols and long guns available today. Often, they are indistinguishable from a distance, save for their fluorescent orange muzzles, from the real weapon. Airsoft manufacturers take great pride in the quality and realism of their products and many guns mimic the real item in every possible way. The first of these pistols and guns utilized a simple spring power system to fire the BB. This type of system is still in use although it has been improved and a similar system can be seen in some BB guns. Although effective, the spring powered firing mechanism is lacking if one is trying to replicate the behavior of a particular gun. Additionally, its range and accuracy is not all that great. As a result two other systems have been developed. The gas powered firing system is commonly seen in these pistols. This system is almost identical to the method many BB guns utilize. A canister of compressed gas, usually propane, is used to propell the BB. This system allows for more realistic firing action as the gas has to escape as the combustion gases in a real weapon would. There are also refillable systems available which allow players to refill their guns from basic green canister propane camp stove bottles. The third system seen in these pistols is the electronic firing system. Automatic electric guns or AEGs use a battery powered system to use bellows and air pressure to fire the BB, eliminating the need for a compressed gas. Like the compressed gas system, AEGs allow for the realistic behavior of a real firearm. Their convenience and realism make them quite popular long guns but they are now becoming more prevalent in pistols. Regardless of which type of gun a play may use, they are always reminded that these maybe toys on one level but they can also cause harm. Due to their accurate appearance, it is easy to confuse an Airsoft gun with the real item. To protect the public and the gun owner, it is the law in the United States that the Airsoft weapon must have a bright orange muzzle. Additionally, players recognize that sound safety rules need to be applied and the appropriate protective clothing worn. Airsoft pistols are a fun part of a great outdoors gaming activity. Not only can they be collected just on their own sake, they help bring people together in a healthy, athletic activity. Interested? Look in your area and you will probably find a club more than happy to add a new member. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: