The Tibetan mastiff did not eat crazy down 20 minutes after the bite master was killed the original title: Tibetan mastiff did not eat mad biting master after the police arrived to kill crazy Tibetan mastiff was killed on the spot according to Taiwan News Network September 22nd Strait Metropolis Daily reported, a length of about 1 meters of the Tibetan Mastiff, suddenly the beast big hair, shake off the iron chains master, will bite down, for 20 minutes. The evening of September 19th, this thrilling scene occurred in Putian City Licheng Gongchen street Dongyang village, fortunately the police arrived, the Tibetan mastiff killed on the spot. Master Yang side of a Tibetan mastiff was seriously injured, is still in the hospital, not out of danger. It is understood that the party is a Yang Putian local poor households, the Tibetan mastiff is a month ago, a friend sent. Because usually do not have enough food to feed, hungry, the Tibetan mastiff beast, attacks the master. Tibetan mastiff bites mad 20 minutes master neck injury most witnesses Mr. Geng, who lives near the side of a road. Around 7 that night, he heard someone shouting at home, dog bites you, save quickly!" Mr. Geng hurried to the side of a road, saw a dog is biting a Yang’s shoulders, pulling a doom, Yang struggling on the ground. I and a few onlookers rushed to rescue a dog, but Yang shouted "don’t dog"!" Mr. Geng said that at first they were quite puzzled, then understand the dog’s villagers pointed out that this length of about 1 meters of the big dog is the Tibetan mastiff, once the attack, may bite more fierce, but also attack other people. Mr. Geng said, unable to forward, they had an alarm, and waited at the scene. For a Tibetan mastiff bite Yang 20 minutes to stop, then a Yang lay motionless on the ground, covered in blood. A reporter from the sea from the side of a positive side of a general hospital was informed that Yang has nearly 20 bite wounds, one of the most serious wound in the neck, is seven or eight cm long, 6 cm above the depth. Due to serious injury, the side of a Yang is still in a coma, not out of danger. Then the police will worry about Tibetan mastiff wounding killed according to the day of the police Gongcheng police Deputy captain Chen Yimin, 8:26 that evening, they received the alarm geng. He and several police rushed to the scene, a man lying on the ground, who are blood, a length of 1 meters and a height of about 80 cm of the Tibetan mastiff is still hovering in the men’s side. See someone close, this Tibetan mastiff to attack immediately attitude. See the injured man seriously injured, Chen Yimin let several police fork rod of the Tibetan mastiff rushed aside, and let an auxiliary quickly the injured man pulled out of the Tibetan mastiff control area, rushed to the hospital. Worried about the Tibetan mastiff again large animal hair, and the surrounding masses, the police to control the surrounding roads immediately, and notify the Licheng Public Security Bureau patrol police anti terrorist brigade, to carry out joint hunting work. Considering the site surrounding houses staggered, once the Tibetan Mastiff Escape, may again hurt people, on-site disposal group will control the Tibetan mastiff, killed on the spot. The Tibetan mastiff hunger mad from its attack master Geng told reporters, Fang Yang currently living alone, two children are working in the field. The police were killed, the Tibetan mastiff is a friend of Ying Yang相关的主题文章: