The "Transformers 5" first exposure tidbits special Wahlberg thrill ride – Sohu entertainment "Transformers 5" logo Michael – Tony appeared describing filming Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) by the famous Hollywood commercial film guide Michael – Tony’s super blockbuster sci-fi "Transformers 5: The Last Knight" (Transformers: The, Last Knight) today issued a dazzling special. The special reviews "some wonderful pictures of Transformers" series in the past 10 years, but also has a "Transformers 5" shooting scene shocked lens. Michael – especially stressed that the film will be the full use of IMAX 3D technology for shooting, visual effects will create the "Transformers" 10 years since the birth of the film. Mark Wahlberg once again in the studio took out a desperate attitude, a lot of the action scenes are exciting. "Transformers 5" is one of the super Hollywood IP launched this year. Transformers 4 debut in 2014, has been in the global harvest $1 billion box office. It also allows paramount film company confidence.     in the "Transformers 5: The Last Knight", played by Wahlberg Cade Igor and the dinosaur diamond together and the new enemy. Autobot leader Optimus Prime will encounter another villain "Unicron, Megatron to fight will also turn into more chaos. Before the "Transformers" series of films, the relationship between human beings and the core of Transformers has been in the story, a man, was again alien diamond threat, a devastating war staged in the earth. Wahlberg played the role of a father who saved his family at a critical time, and also established a connection with the hornets. His high school daughter and her boyfriend, is the most representative of the human role. In this latest sequel, playing the daughter and son-in-law Nicola – Peltz, Jack – Lionel Qi, is also expected to return. New signing Isabella Monet, starred in "must be done before high school before the one hundred things" and other works, the "Transformers 5" is the first time for her to participate in big films may have a gun and red. In the "Transformers 4" as a machine CEO, character actor Stanley – toots, will return to fifth, continue to play the role of. In the film, the CEO, who is known for his mastery of dynamics, tried to use a series of studies to remotely control Transformers. He looks like a villain, but in fact he was standing on the side of justice, in fourth, his role is expected to remain slightly funny than in the film. "Transformers 5: The Last Knight" in June 23, 2017 will be landing in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章: