"The two generation" skill to pull out the film "walk" – Beijing, many people know that Eric Tsang has an eloquent presenter on his little daughter Bowie Tseng, but another director, actor two post son Ceng Qingxiang know. Until recently, the movie "in July and she" was released, it was discovered that the original Eric Tsang have a very talented son. In fact, not only is the son of Eric Tsang, from the beginning of November this year, the great director, the two generations of great writers seem to be about the same, from the beginning of Ang Lee, to the president of the United States and China, such as, and then, by the time of the beginning of the year, by the time of the beginning of the year, by the time of the beginning of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year, from the beginning of the year of the year of the year of the year of the…… From these bigwigs children appeared, the movie director or clip series released. These contain the golden key was born, most of the elite background of the shadow of the two generation, has grown up, but also to the audience to accept the test of the time. Ang Lee’s new film "Billy separated for 4 years? The Lynn midfield war" will be released on November 11th in North america. It is curious that, in addition to an unprecedented 128 shooting method, Ang Lee’s youngest son, Li Chun also starred in the film. Li Chun this is not like two by mother Lin Huijia in her arms revealed the face that the role of soy sauce, is an quite heavy supporting role, Billy? Lynn B team comrades, a soldier. Li Chun graduated in 2012 from the New York University drama department, "mixed" in Hollywood, often played some minor roles in "the hangover 2" guested on the bride’s brother Teddy Lauren, still Luc? Besson "the body" in the face. The filming in dad’s hand, Li Chun did not dare to let down. Before the shooting, he has participated in the two week for the role of intensive training, every day from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., from walking and shouting slogans, physical training to gun operation and so on, 24 hours a day at the training camp. Ang Lee is very satisfied with the performance of his son: "he will not complain when training, but also to make a lot of friends." In November 11th, in China, there is a great writer, screenwriter Liu Zhenyun’s daughter Liu Yulin’s directorial debut "one top ten thousand" release. Liu Zhenyun’s film and television works, mostly in collaboration with Feng Xiaogang, this time his won the Mao Dun prize for literature "one top ten thousand" adapted into a movie, he changed his daughter Liu Yulin, a new director. Liu Yulin, director of the New York University graduate, because my father is Feng Xiaogang and her buddies, when reading a graduate student specially took a year to return, Feng Xiaogang served as the "1942" changji. A top ten thousand sentences focus on the emotional state of an ordinary family in Henan, has been nominated for this year’s Busan Film Festival, is a very texture of the film. Feng Xiaogang postponed to November 18th release of "I am not Pan Jinlian" in Toronto, the day before the FIPRESCI prize. On the red carpet in Toronto, Feng Xiaogang and the editor, his daughter Feng Siyu walked the red carpet together. Feng Siyu is the daughter of Feng Xiaogang and his ex-wife, followed by her mother’s life in the world. In 2009, Feng Siyu graduated from the Department of production management, Beijing Film Academy, New York University to continue to study the film production. "I am not Pan Jinlian" was the first time Feng Siyu and father cooperation, to try to resolve the identity of the editor. Feng Siyu revealed to the media, in the future when Fang Fang相关的主题文章: