The United States denied the "no first use nuclear weapons" Obama "nuclear free world" theory into a joke data figure: B-52 bombers can carry nuclear warheads flying the United States denied the original title: "no first use of nuclear weapons" Obama "nuclear free world" on a joke "this is our strategic thinking, we don’t have any plans to change this strategic thinking." For the Obama administration may change the nuclear weapons policy, promised "no first use of nuclear weapons" as China as 27 U. S. Defense Secretary Robert Carter explicitly denied, that the United States will continue to maintain a preemptive nuclear strike capability. A day earlier, Carter also announced that the next 5 years will invest $108 billion to upgrade the U.S. nuclear arsenal "three carriages" – intercontinental ballistic missile, nuclear submarines and strategic bombers. It is estimated that the long-term update plan will cost $1 trillion. U.S. media recently revealed that Obama considered before the end of the term of the U.S. nuclear strategy to carry out a landmark adjustment, announced that not the first use of nuclear weapons. Carter’s repeated position is not only the most authoritative denied rumors, is simply "the face become aggravated". Although critics have accused the US nuclear weapons program of being a "prehistoric" practice, the two party of the United States, as the only country in the world that has used nuclear weapons in other countries, apparently has not given up on the obsession with nuclear weapons. Since taking office in 2009, Obama has repeatedly promoted the "nuclear free world", and won the Nobel peace prize. Ironically, after nearly 8 years in office, Obama became the United States after the cold war nuclear weapons reduction at the president, he painted for the world’s "nuclear free pie" has become a joke.相关的主题文章: