The villagers were hit after 9 years to get a judgment the calligraphy: indeed too outrageous – Sohu news happened 17 years ago with common in Ledong County of Hainan province in the case of intentional injury, the defendant guilty of intentional assault was sentenced to 3 years. Surprisingly, in this case the plaintiff of the supplementary civil action in November 8, 2007 after the verdict for nearly 9 years, has not received Ledong County People’s court verdict, resulting in missed the appeal period. Ji Chun is Ledong Wan Chong Zhen Guo Qiang village. 17 years ago, 28 year old Ji Chun by soliciting for motorcycle. In October 26, 1999, Ji Chun riding a motorcycle in the local Wan Chong Zhen pull villagers Ji Wenxin’s wife, after the return home, met Shay new wave. Ji Chungang put out the motorcycle, and he beat him. Ji Chun left leg, left shoulder bone broken, Ledong County Public Security Bureau of forensic identification for injuries. For their inexplicable hit, Ji Chun said in an interview, it may be because in the way to send his wife Ji Wenxin home, and the other side said a few jokes, provoke retaliation. Ji Chun was injured to the hospital, the condition is stable, immediately report to the local police station. The local police station. After more than 1 months of the incident, because of financial difficulties, Ji Chun returned home to recuperate. 7 years later, in November 18, 2006, given new jingfangxingju, October 19, 2007 to be prosecuted. Ji Chun filed an incidental civil action, the court asked the court sentenced the new compensation for medical expenses, such as a total of 100 thousand yuan. After the court soon, Ji Chun ask when in order to get compensation to Ledong County Court, told "you action without reason, the court does not support the". Ji Chun said that after a few years, he continued to ask the judges were fruitless. "More than a year ago, I told a friend brought a lawsuit to understand the law of things, he told the judge always say I have no reason, I took out the verdict this friend called, look at the contents of the judgment of what is said." Ji Chun recalled that he thought there was no verdict. My friend said, he repeatedly went to the court asking the verdict in Ledong County, has no results. In August 30th this year, in the case of judgment nearly 9 years later, Ji Chun again to Ledong County Court questioning criminal incidental civil lawsuit case verdict. With the help of the staff, he finally got a copy of the verdict. In November 8, 2007, the people’s court in Ledong County (2007) le early penalty No. 190th finds the verdict, Ji Wenxin guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to 3 years in prison. Ji Chun was beaten seriously injured, but the claim for 100 thousand yuan because there is no evidence and receipt of the relevant evidence and proof of proof, the court did not support, dismissed its claims. Written verdict: if not satisfied with the decision, may be within ten days from the date of receipt of the decision within second days, or directly to the Hainan intermediate people’s Court of Hainan. "If the court informed me in time, and told me that the claim was rejected, we would certainly collect evidence to appeal. However, for 9 years, the court has not given us the verdict, we would like to appeal now, the evidence collection may be even more." Ji Chun’s father said.    相关的主题文章: