"The whole world" exposure special Zhang Tianai workaholic praise by creative Sohu Zhang Tianai entertainment is not afraid of high anti cling Sohu entertainment news by Deng Chao, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai starred in the movie "won the national box office champion passing from your world" after the success of Redubujian, the actress who plays young chicken Zhang Tianai impressed the audience, the topic of continuous fermentation. The day before the release of the film side Zhang Tian’ai specials, movie Mao chicken persistent extends to the drama, role behind the "insider" will be exposed. In the latest exposure of the Zhang Tianai episode, director Zhang Yibai, Deng Chao and Yang Yang are all creative generous words of praise Zhang Tianai dedicated performance. Director Zhang Yibai has said that because of Zhang Tianai’s popular princess was initially worried whether it can interpret the Mao chicken so cowardly ordinary little girl, I repeatedly see her, even if I say you see me when you don’t wear makeup ", the Zhang Tianai deliver the goods throughout makeup highly reduced in Mao chicken, a sentimental memories of the audience crush boom. In the play off screen is the "master" of Deng Chao Zhang Tianai’s dedication is recognized not only with the empress Sun Li analogy, is praise is a "particularly serious child". The special edition of Zhang Tianai behind the scenes details with different angle all creative revelations have been exposed. For example, at an altitude of over four thousand meters in Daocheng shooting because of the serious high have to while I work to meet the needs of film oxygen, cold weather wear skirts that cold, it shivered also comfort staff a little cold stupid white sweet said "the beautiful night celebration on" Zhang Tianai be too numerous to enumerate. No wonder it is remarkable dedication, the crew called "workaholic". In this regard, the role of "Cheong leen admitted Mao chicken and princess are quite different, so I want to spend a lot of time in here. The audience is to spend money to buy a ticket to see the film, I must give you the best state, this thing is particularly important to me."   相关的主题文章: