This is a special civil service taxi the officer "fire" – Sohu on September 24th, the first batch of Fuzhou bus car rental limited liability company launched 100 official taxi, in providing customized services for official vehicles of civil servants at the same time, can also provide services for civil servants of the family car. It is understood that the first batch of Fuzhou bus taxi company invested 100 units of official taxi, will according to the different needs of various car units, providing real-time vehicles, long-distance car, meeting or in the security of the three modes of service point. Among them, the vehicle will provide designated security services for docking in the Fuzhou municipal government office for the deployment of life. The price of about car rental standards, on-site settlement, who use who pays. What is the origin of the idea of "taxi for civil servants"? Whether it comes from the local authorities, or from the local bus taxi companies, in essence, it is in the civil service to the fire baked, is to make civil servants uncomfortable. Since the announcement from the provisions of the central eight, a time to refresh the official, leather disadvantages Fengqing, which reflected not only achieved remarkable results in the "anti four wind", also reflected in the fog around the head of the civil servants got clearance. In the traditional context, speaking of all civil servants but civil servants usually is closely reasoned and well argued, how, how to work life, everyone is very strange. Promote the construction of style of work, civil servants began to return to the normal work and life order, not only the civil servants are accustomed to the way of life and work, but also recognized the current civil service work and life style. From the perspective of breaking the official standard, this is a great progress. To promote the car, both cost saving considerations, but also refresh officialdom considerations. However, the introduction of the Fuzhou civil service taxi, but to a considerable extent, eliminate such efforts. Just think, civil servants have a dedicated taxi, civil servants to eat there is no dedicated, there is no special accommodation for civil servants, the civil service office has a dedicated? Along this logic, dedicated all the way down, this is not to let the civil service to become a special person, and the community is deliberately out of touch? The introduction of local civil service taxi, I do not know is based on what the original intention. If it is due to the low level of ordinary rental, which can only explain the local style building there are still a lot of problems. The same taxi, ordinary people can play, the general white-collar workers can play, some "successful people" can also play, why can not fight civil servants? If it is because the civil service to take a taxi difficult, do not have the desirability. Just think, taxi difficult is a common state, is the common situation of members of the whole society. Abandon the public taxi difficult on the other side, alone for civil servants to provide private custom, say good and the masses to sit a bench where to go? Speaking here, can not help but think of the market have appeared on the "leading special computer". In January 2012, a claim to specifically for the tablet computer "leading cadres tailored Red Faction a" jump red network, single price of 9999 yuan. As soon as he appeared, it is public opinion is made and concluded that the official standard, will not have a market. A few years later, the market also has a dedicated leadership.相关的主题文章: