Hair-Loss The techniques for grafting hair replacement systems to the skin have been rapidly developing for over 10 years and have definitely improved over time. Thanks to advances in science and technology, grafting is a mainstream option and popular bonding choice among many hair wearers. Grafting is the process of applying a hair system with a polyurethane base directly and .pletely on the balding area of the scalp using an adhesive or grafting material for a semi-permanent attachment that should stay on the head for about 21 days. Here are a few tips to get the best result from your hair graft. 1. Be sure the base material is strong yet thing with minimal stretch 2.The base and area to be grafted should be .pletely clean and free of any oil. 3.The base should only cover the area of the head that is bald: there is no need to extend the graft into growing hair. 4.Apply a thin coat of grafting solution to the scalp and allow it to dry to an opaque appearance. 5.Apply a thin coat of grafting solution to the base/graft and allow it to dry to an opaque appearance. 6.Carefully place the front of the graft in place and carefully roll the base back and place on the scalp without tension or stretching. If there is tension or stretching the base will stretch back once the grafting solution has .pletely cured and create wrinkles in the skin on the scalp. 7.Once the graft is in place gently press the graft onto the scalp causing the material on both the base and scalp to join. 8.Allow the solution to cure on the scalp for approximately 24 hours before shampooing or strenuous activity for the best result and longest hold. Max Grafting Solution was specifically developed for this type of application and the nature of this material allows the body oils and perspiration to be absorbed into the solution where it is held until the graft is removed. For hygiene and dermatological reasons it is not re.mended for anything to be attached to the body using any adhesive material for longer than 21 days. While Max Grafting products are among the highest quality and highest performance long term grafting solutions available, there is a myriad of choices as far as grafting goes, that vary in price. If you are interested in learning more about grafting your hair replacement system , we re.mend discussing it with your hair replacement .pany to help find out what options will work best for your specific situation. There are many factors involved in grafting, and you should always have all the facts before making any kind of long term .mitment! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: