Fashion-Style Fashion is not what is portrayed by the models during the ramp walk. It is more about personal style and comfort that depicts the innate personality of an individual (both men and women). While some people get attracted towards vibrant and eye-catchy colors, there are a number of people who prefer subtle shades, like: greys, browns, whites and the like. Buying new clothes and accessories does not make you a fashion fiesta. A little bit of risk is important to make a unique style statement without compromising on the comfort. And as they say, your outer personality offers a glimpse of your intrinsic self. If you are also one of the intrepid personalities who is willing to take all fashion risks, the ideal way is to open your closet and start thinking about mixing and matching different stuff. You can do wonders with something as simple as a scarf. For long-lasting impact, you may check out what your color palette has to offer. You may try wearing a silk chiffon orange scarf, solid modal wraps, cotton wraps, or a bamboo wool wrap to keep yourself warm and cozy. Aside from being a utilitarian stuff for the ladies in the past, scarves have become a fashion symbol for both men and women. What makes you stand tall in the crowd is the way that you knot or tie a scarf. So if youve been wondering about inventing new styles of wearing a scarf, here are some of the useful tips: – 1. Bandanas It is one of the most popular styles of wearing a silk wrap or a scarf of any other material. It offers a sporty and an athletic look to your personality. 2. Circle around You can tie a scarf in a way that it circles around your neck. Cling it very close your skin or tie it a little lose to complement with your outfit. 3. Hat scarf You may wrap your fashion accessory around your hat for that elegant and sophisticated charm. It is a yester year style that went well with gowns and evening dresses. 4. Grace your handbag Tie one or two knots on the strap of your handbag and hang it freely. If you want, you may also cling small artifacts to enhance the appearance of your handbag. 5. Waistband You may highlight your waist with attractive and beautiful silk chiffon scarves by wrapping it around your waistband. There are plenty of ways with which you can warp your looks. All you need to do is mix and match your old stuff to invent newer styles. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: