To refuse to be fooled! Can you distinguish broken Juicer juice? Author: Fison living standards improve, accelerate the pace of life, people pay more and more attention to food safety and food health. The original homemade fruit juice has become an essential health drink in our lives. I believe a lot of families to buy the food machine to DIY juice, self-sufficiency, their own health. An experiment was recently abroad very surprised: three kinds of cooking machine, the same type of apple, to Apple Juice, standing for ten minutes, a different color! These three kinds of cooking machine, are broken machine and juice machine, juicer. Now the question is, in the end is what the machine can make apple juice does not rust? What is the difference between the three? Today, we come together to understand the answer, you buy the kitchen when you answer the doubts. We know that these three kinds of cooking machine, are all fruits and vegetables will change into liquid, easy absorption of human body, with health, fitness and other effects. However, the direction is the same, but the specific problem but to specific analysis. If you don’t use for their specific needs to buy what kind of food machine, often caused by half. First, the principle of different work speed to low to high ranking, respectively, juice machine, juicer, broken machine. Juice machine, through the spiral extrusion, low-speed flexible extraction of food processing, the speed is usually in 40-80. Because of its very low speed, can be like the same fruit juice pressing grinding stone. Juicer, using high speed rotating blade will cut into the fruit juice residue, under the action of centrifugal force flow through the stainless steel filter fine, juicer blades usually at 7000-15000 rpm speed. The broken machine, broken, broken cell wall wall. The built-in wall breaking machine motor high speed, speed up to 25000 rpm, with the knife head very hard, you can instantly break food ingredients in the cell wall, the release will exist in the peel and kernel and roots of phytochemicals fully broken. Different juice machine two, the object is not only suitable for ripe fruit and fiber more leaves, hard root vegetables, also suitable for such as grape and pomegranate seeds are small fruits, vegetables, etc. can also Soybean Milk tofu, fruit ice cream, grape pulp, ginger concentrate production. Juicer, whether processed fruits and vegetables, or a mixture of processed fruits and vegetables and herbs, nuts, seeds, whole grains or other raw materials, a mixer is enough. The object is not only applicable to the broken machine, juice machine, juicer, even hard cubes can also play a super fine powdered sugar, almonds, sesame peanut; this kind of oil with nuts can make the sauce liquid state, it is common to do the cooking machine. Two, the different working principle of the finished product, you can get different products. Juice machine, juice is obtained after the separation of juice. At the same time, the flexible extraction method can not cause severe damage to the food, and can reduce the possibility that the food is oxidized by air.相关的主题文章: