TOM FORD SOLEIL bright streamer holiday TOM FORD in the summer of distant private islands as a source of inspiration, the release of the new SOLEIL bright streamer holiday series, invite you to the luxury of endless summer. SOLEIL BLANC bright streamer sun flower and amber perfume smell intoxicating glove, filled with charm and temptation, but also revealed a hint of the feeling. TOM FORD’s new SOLEIL BLANC series of private deployment, indulged in pursuit of the sun and the luxury of endless. Cardamom and fragrant pink pepper with fresh citrus, create new styles of fusion, bergamot and pistachios create charming fragrance. Sexy aroma complement each other flower core dynamic law in Yilan and Yilan, and the Egyptian Jasmine Tuberose brew of vitality in the sun. On the beach with sweet cream, sea coconut, amber and jade tonka bean Xiangyingchengqu, benzoin extraction brings sexy and charming. TOM FORD bright blooming in white gold streamer perfume bottle design unique in SOLEIL series. The bottle with a gold label, with gold rope decorated on the bottleneck, like other pieces, there are 50ML, 100ML and 250ML three specifications. TOM FORD bright magic charm lipstick high saturation white gold appearance TOM FORD magic charm bright lipstick, bright colors and light Liu overflowing, more surprisingly moist degree. After the use of soft and soft and soft, to cover up the signs of dry lips. Ming Yan color lasting 6 hours. TOM FORD magic charm bright lipstick: PURPLE NOON, TEMPTATION a total of six WAITS, LE MÉ, APHRODITE, SOLAR; PRIS AFFAIR, REVOLVE AROUND ME. TOM FORD Aqua magic charm lipstick two exclusive formula is innovation into a lipstick, each TOM FORD Aqua magic charm lipstick with a vibrant pink passion fruit oil essence "core", provide a powerful moisturizing. "Core" around the lipstick color bright and colorful, extraction of exotic muskmelon essence, Brazil EC and plant ester, deep nourish lips. Lipstick formula also contains a little pearl and gold tone, summer tan appearance. From the natural sand color to red purple, is a layer of soft lips covered with persistent veil. TOM FORD Aqua magic lipstick six colors: SCANDOLA, MUSTIQUE, OTRANTO CALA DI VOLPE, PIPA, CARRIACOU. TOM FORD bright streamer plastic Yan disc TOM FORD launched the first luxury handmade color box, perfect fit sexy healthy shiny skin. Three color powder to be presented in the face of TOM FORD limited edition of ivory and gold Soleil makeup box. Blush, Gao Guang and bronze powder 0.28oz add dimensional and natural good color is creamy powder Suji, delicate and smooth and soft, gentle and uniform strengthening effect. Bright coral blush gives a bright cheeks color, nude color.相关的主题文章: