Business Article Marketing is one of the easiest and fastest marketing methods to build your brand, establish your expertise, and build links back to your website for minimal cost. All that is required is your knowledge in your area of expertise and an effective strategy to ensure you are leveraging all the possibilities that article marketing can bring to you and your business. Every article must have these top five essential elements in order to be effective and drive your desired results: 1. Valuable Content. Article Marketing is about offering value through your words. It is about quality versus quantity so make sure you are offering content that your readers are interested in reading. You do not need to be a strong writer to use Article Marketing as a marketing strategy, but you do need to be able to weave in your expertise. If you cannot write, hire a ghost writer to write for you and you provide direction and editing for your own voice. 2. Enticing Headline. You have less than 3 seconds to grab the attention of the reader so your headline is a critical. Make it appealing and .pel your readers to read further. Try to relate a solution to a problem, ask a provocative question or offer a .mand. 3. Targeted Keywords. Strategically placed keywords are a great resource for for search engine optimization. Search engines love keywords so use keyword tools to select the right keywords for your target. With the right keyword density and content, your articles could end up in the top page of search engine results for a number of .petitive keywords but remember not to use too many keywords or the search engines will devalue your content. 4. Structured Resource Box. A well structured resource box is an essential element of getting readers to click on your links to your website. The resource box is the small box at the end of the article where you promote your business or yourself and embed links to your website. A structured resource box promotes the benefits of your products and entices readers to click links to your website usually through an offer for a free service and/or product. 5. Strategic Syndication. The last essential element is strategic syndication. By submitting your articles to the various article directories, the more chance you have for other publishers to pick up your article. There are many services out there who submit your articles automatically to hundreds of directories and provide your tools to enhance and leverage your article submission. Other uses for your article include: Ezine Content – use article for your own ezine. Blog Posts – post article to your own blog. Guest Blog Posts – post article to others blog. Linked In – include in news feed Newspaper/Magazines – submit to off line publishers Ebook – repurpose all articles into an ebook. Article marketing is a proven method to boost your online presence, increase leads, and drive traffic to your site, all at no cost to you. By spending as little as an hour each day, you can enhance your brand image, establish yourself as an expert and develop trusting relationships that will lead to more business and more profits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: