Training children to study the spirit of the baby perfunctory perfunctory one hundred thousand why, mom, how did I come?" Why does it rain in the sky?" Why is the rabbit’s eye red?"…… Home a day love to ask "why" and "how" of children, as parents, to him, almost endless day in and day out "one hundred thousand why", you are smatter, irresponsibly, do things carelessly? Or stop him impatiently, "don’t ask so much!" In the end how to face the baby, why one hundred thousand? See how to: baby why expert weapon "one hundred thousand why"? "How did I come here?" Why does it rain in the sky?" Why is the rabbit’s eye red?"…… A lot of families have a day like to ask "why", "how can this" problem "baby". "Sometimes coming home from work has been very tired, he rushed over to ask, I really do not know how there are so many problems?" The child has been born 3 year old, now see the son happy and headache home every day. Happy is the child lively and lovely, but his little head kept jumping out of the "one hundred thousand why" really let him headache. However, the baby has "one hundred thousand why" is a good thing. Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center, director of child health, Zhu Dongsheng pointed out that curiosity is the nature of children. Everything in the world is full of wonderful colors in their eyes, in order to explore the reason, they often emerge some strange and eccentric problems, although some of these problems, it seems very childish in adults, even very "silly", but this is their new knowledge, development ability, intelligence is an important way. Do not answer questions easily hurt the enthusiasm of the baby has a lot of problems I don’t understand myself, just answer him, afraid he was misled for Gospel truth. Some even said to listen to him, he is so small also do not understand, you say how to do?" Jason said, there is no way he could, uh oh, or often use the phrase "when you grow up, you know" perfunctory in the past. When work is busy, but also home to stop the phone to communicate with customers, he will not be the son of aerobic, even drove him off: "Get out of my way! Don’t look daddy is busy, don’t ask so much!" In fact, like health such parents really rare. Some parents will smatter, irresponsibly, do things carelessly, some will impatiently stop the baby "don’t ask" even scold baby "every day, then ask this question, you have the most problems, do not trouble trouble ah." In the expert opinion, this kind of answer will let the baby very hurt". If their questions don’t always get an answer even to be reprimanded, is likely to dampen their enthusiasm, after asking the question in the course of time, so they gradually lost their interest in exploring the things around. How to face the baby’s "one hundred thousand why"? The question of love to the baby, no matter how busy parents, or feel the question of how naive he is, do not perfunctory, but should try to respond with enthusiasm, patience to answer. Of course, mom and dad is not an encyclopedia, encountered some difficult questions to answer, pay attention to skills, as far as possible to protect the child’s curiosity, but also allows them to acquire knowledge and intelligence?相关的主题文章: