The twelfth session of the seventeenth CPPCC National Committee Standing Committee held a plenary meeting of the original title: [Video] the twelfth CPPCC National Committee on the seventeenth meeting of the Standing Committee held a plenary meeting of news (News Network): a member of the Standing Committee of the twelfth CPPCC National Committee held a plenary meeting of the seventeenth meeting on the afternoon of 30, 15 of the Standing Committee and the Committee on "to promote the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art" to give speeches. CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng attended the meeting. We believe in his speech, literature and art is an important part of the cause of the party and the people to uphold the party’s leadership of the arts work, practice the socialist core values, adhere to serving the people and socialism and the direction of the policy, All flowers bloom together. better service and the contention of a hundred schools of thought, promote the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art. The Long Xinmin Committee proposed, should earnestly implement the party’s policy of literature and art, put forward the requirements of Ideological and political workers, and guide them to always adhere to the people-centered creative orientation; India red on behalf of the Standing Committee of the Central Institute of 93 floor is proposed, further deepening the reform of the cultural system, strengthen the communication of construction, from the impetuous, promote the innovation and creation of fine structures; birch Committee proposed a good grasp of political orientation, literary criticism, enhanced charisma and affinity, the mirror polished literary criticism; Li Yining committee that should keep in mind the special nature of cultural products, putting social benefits first, constantly improve the quality of cultural products; Li Hong on behalf of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference the Committee recommended to speak, making the spread of revolutionary history theme of the literary works, let the revolution history The history of fine art to illuminate the youth life theme; Wang Mingming Committee proposed, innovating management system, optimize the environment for the growth of literary talent; Li Yuguang standing committee recommendations to strengthen the construction of legal system of intellectual property rights, promote the prosperity and development of Arts and culture; Liu Jingmin members on behalf of the CPPCC National Committee of education made speeches, dig the characteristics of resources, create "modernization" and the "localization" blend of fine art; Wujiang standing committee recommendations to further strengthen and improve the party’s leadership of the arts work, consciously shoulder the responsibility of literary and art workers; Wang Zhengfu CPPCC members representing ethnic and Religious Committee made speeches, attaches great importance to ethnic arts, promote the innovation and development of ethnic arts; Yang Shengqun standing committee recommendations, in the creation of to transfer beauty and positive moral values, the Beautiful; Zhang Haitao Committee proposed, to strengthen the county radio and television construction, vigorously promote the development of grassroots cultural prosperity; Chen Jiangong Standing Committee suggested that the establishment of a more effective way of management, and promote the healthy development of the network literature; leaf Xiaogang Committee believes that the talent is to ensure the prosperity of literary and artistic creation, to understand the knowledge, talent, talent talent, talent; Feng Gong Committee this, grassroots culture is the pursuit of artistic creation needs, to create more excellent works of the masses. The meeting also listened to the explanation on personnel matters of the CPPCC Vice Chairman and Secretary General Zhang Qingli, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee made a descent Kuo chung. Liu Xiaofeng presided over the meeting.相关的主题文章: