Uncovering the truth: "the high price paid actor star worth too strong lineup content of CCTV exposure" such as Yi biography "starring Wallace Huo and Xun Zhou take the $150 million photograph:" such as Yi biography "when the drama actor price paid the truth: Star comparisons worth, a strong lineup of content in New network Beijing on 28 August, (reporter Zhang Xi) 26 day, the State Press and Publication Administration (hereinafter referred to as SARFT) Party issued a rectification patrol briefing. Which refers to the "super" star paycheck and curb wealth problems. Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) the reporter learned that the actors are great differences, frontline actors fee of nearly 100 million, while the general new three month package only 150 thousand. Administration: resolutely curb the "price" paid and 26 star show, SARFT Party issued a rectification patrol briefing. The notification referred to resolutely curb the "super" star paycheck and show off problem. Which requires the guidance of Industry Association of the major film companies to develop resistance to "price" paid industry self-discipline; guide the relevant industry associations will "focus on film and television works ideological value and aesthetic orientation, optimization of film production cost structure" to formulate a proposal, strengthen the guidance to the market. Improve the filing requirements of the project audit requirements, timely stop the film blindly speculation star, fans, net red behavior. In addition, the notification referred to be issued a notice requiring all levels of broadcasting organizations in the TV series broadcast in the process of purchase shall specify the actor, not to star as the star of "standard, excessive speculation in the TV series not propaganda work. To strengthen the social, entertainment news management, curb money, wealth, pleasure Starchaser overnight and other erroneous ideas spread. On the same day, CCTV news channel in the "special price paid actor", pointed out that the actor price paid a huge risk and pressure for other aspects of film production, such as "Yi Zhuan" not only mentioned Wallace Huo and Xun Zhou took 150 million of the fee, also criticized the "Youth", 2 "-" movies such as astronomical actors cannot save itself is not high quality TV drama. 1: Star competition fee, the producers were looting an unnamed senior manager A told reporters that the current circle gets an enormous disparity between the rich and the poor, some frontline actors fee of nearly billion, while the new general package price of three months only 150 thousand. According to A, one of the most important reasons for the high price paid is the producer itself, "on the one hand, on the one hand, looting actors use unscrupulous divisive tactics, complain incessantly complain the price is high, no one forced them to use ah!" However, A also mentioned that in a benign environment, actors must not exceed 1/2 of the production costs, it can only be crudely made, "but the current producers tend to actors fee budget increased to 2/3". From the actor’s own hand, A also broke the news: many front-line actors will compete with each other in advance when signing fee, ask the people to find the partner reward from the film side there, then sat the price, which is the reason leading to the high fee." "Youth" is refers to the 2 actors high photograph: the film side for map on the phenomenon of 2相关的主题文章: