Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Grilling a versatile and healthy way of cooking Grilling is a versatile method of cooking that adds diversity to your food by letting you prepare different types of food items from green vegetables and baked foods to meat and fish. It comprises of applying heat directly to the surface of food. A grill can be an indoor apparatus or an outdoor one to be run by gas, charcoal or electricity. Grilling comprises of a wire grid on which the food to be cooked is placed and then heat is applied to it from above or below. A griddle can also be used for the same purpose which is a flat plate to be heated from below. Benefits of grilling Grilling is considered as a healthier way of cooking as compared to the traditional method. It provides the food with the taste of detailed oil cooking and the health of uncooked food. Grilling adds a delicious aroma to the food that makes it even more tempting. Meat cooked by grilling helps removing most of the fat. Moreover, the use of oil can be minimized as grilling does not require too much oil for endorsing the cooking process. Different kinds of grills have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, electric grills take much less time to heat up and start cooking as compared to the other types of grills such as those run on charcoal and gas. It also produces less smoke and smell and thus results in a tidy grilling process. However, an electric grill will never be able to render the traditional smoky taste that the food cooked over a gas griddle will have. Charcoal or gas grills are also more economical and handy. All types of grills come in different sizes. You should first consider whether you will be using the grill outside your house or place it in the kitchen. Secondly, you should consider the space available for placing the equipment and third is your budget. The availability of the fuel is also an important consideration. Uses of a grill The same food that you cook on your kitchen gas stove can be cooked on a grill. You must try this versatile way of cooking for a change in taste. You can make meat and fish foods, vegetables, snacks and a lot more using your grill apparatus. Snacks such as pizzas can be prepared over a griddle in a few minutes. You need to get the already prepared pizza base and put the seasoning over it. You can make two pizzas over a single griddle at the same time. People also use their grill plates for making cookies. Another option is to prepare pan cakes over the griddle pans. You can try different flavors and toppings for your pan cake to give a special treat to your kids every weekend. Likewise, there are enormous other dishes that you can prepare easily over your grill to add diversity to the menu and keep your family contented and healthy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: