Vegas Casino won last season that Warriors team Yunan or over – Sohu sports Durant joined the warriors   September 21st Beijing time, according to the famous Las Vegas casino Westgate SuperBook Thursday released the new NBA season the team winning prediction, Jinzhou warriors in the regular season wins over the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers in 10 games. The team wins the team wins the warriors 66.5 wolves 41.5 Knight 56.5 Bobcats 39.5 spurs 56.5 calf 39.5 clippers 53.5 bucks 39.5 Celtics 51.5 bulls 38.5 49.5 38.5 47.5 Sir Nicks Raptors 36.5 heat Portland 46.5 Hornets 36.5 piston 45.5 magic 36.5 thunder 45.5 gold 34.5 Eagle 43.5 King 32.5 Pacers 43.5 Philadelphia 27.5 Grizzlies 43.5 sun 26.5 wizards 42.5 of the Lakers’ 24.5 rocket 41.5 nets 20.5 The Warriors’season win total is set at 66.5. The Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs each opened at 56.5 at the Westgate. according to the information released by the Westgate, the new warriors season wins is 66.5, followed by knights and Spurs, respectively is 5 6.5. announced the day after joining the warriors in Durant, SuperBook released a number of wins in the field is 68.5, which is also the division of the Geoff – – before the season in the history of the highest predicted value of. "In general, the difference between the warriors will be lower than that, but the public would like to see the real data above this value." Schellmann said. Schellmann introduction, this year the warriors and other super teams, such as the Cavaliers, spurs, with ten wins in the field is also very poor. Over the past few seasons, the super team has remained at around 61.5, while the second tier teams remain at around 50. In addition to the knight and the Spurs, only two teams of more than 50, the Losangeles clippers and Boston Celtic, respectively 53.5 and 51.5. "This year’s warriors are a very different value." Schellmann introduced road. 2016-17 NBA Odds in Atlanta area southwest of singular differential partition Odds Celtics 1011 17 54 81 Nicks spurs Toronto Memphis 81 rocket 151 Philadelphia 351 calf 2.相关的主题文章: