Venice Film Festival ended   Chinese film; " cold " " index; go " hard – media – original title: cold Venice film festival film in Chinese film China busy what "cold" reflects the "going out" the difficulties of the seventy-third Venice International Film Festival in September 10 sunset under the curtain, Philippines the film "left women" won the highest award Golden Lion award. This festival although there is no lack of China elements, such as "focus China" forum to talk about cooperation with foreign countries, the Shanghai International Film Festival "international express" the scale of Chinese film and project recommendation…… But conceal the main stadium of the Chinese film absent embarrassment. "Chinese film should be diversified development" known as "the father of the film festival," said the Venice International Film Festival and the fate of Chinese film deep. Since the beginning of the 80s of the last century, Chinese films have frequently appeared in the film festival. This year, the Chinese film from the scenery to the main competition unit". The domestic market "hot" and "cold" caused by foreign competition and foreign filmmakers thought, the rapid development of the market did not breed to "Chinese film going out? The Venice International Film Festival President Alberto Barr? Bella implicitly pointed out that commercial films of China too: "China movie should be diversified, not the entire film production is concentrated in commercial films, comedies and action movies, only the diversification can in the international platform and market attractive." Chinese commercial films in the most appropriate way to shoot, however, there are people in the industry believe that the commercial film is not the property of the main obstacles in the Chinese film finalists. "The film festival is not a rejection of commercial films, the emphasis is on the quality of the film, the film has a lot of artistic high commercial film." The film festival parallel unit "Venice day" Chairman George said Gesaidiru?. But he also said: "China is now a lot of commercial films is the fastest and easiest way to make, rather than the best way." In the commercial film market under the absolute dominance of the survival of the art of the film is barren soil. According to insiders, at the box office under the guide of the domestic commercial film "quanqian" situation is becoming increasingly serious, the production cycle is generally short, falling on the quality of attention. The art of film producer Li Yuan said, the film investment is not seen as to the cultural investment, but the opportunity to make money fast, art works long production cycle, the box office prospects unpredictable naturally not investors. Chinese film too much attention to the local market experts believe that, in addition to being too commercialized, too much attention to the Chinese film market is also difficult to really go out". Most movies are China positioning in the domestic market, the overseas box office and sales declined, in 2014 the domestic movie box office and overseas sales revenue accounted for only 6% of the proportion of domestic box office than, ignore to the overseas market also let Chinese localization into difficulties, try to "walk out" frequently cold. The new film "goodbye to the city of," the film festival parallel units "Venice day" of the Taiwan director of the analysis, the Chinese film to commercial films, but confined to the local相关的主题文章: