UnCategorized As information about astral travel is be.ing more widespread, more people are also gaining interest. The biggest source of motivation for some is the idea that it is not an innate ability, but the methods that can be learned. Indeed, only a few people have managed to separate themselves from the physical body and reach a whole new dimension different from what you’ve been used to. If you are interested in this method, below are information you need to know about. How Do You Begin Astral Travel? Out of body travels and experiences are identified in two ways: spontaneous and deliberate. The spontaneous or natural process is when you experience a separation from your physical body while attempting to rest or during sleep and your mind is inactive. Eventually, your subconscious mind will take control that will awaken your astral body. Astral projection is not only limited during sleep though it can also happen when you are meditating or in a state of trance. As a result of these meditative activities, you will be able to heighten your senses and produce awareness in your subconscious mind to enter a new dimension known as astral planes. The other type of astral travel is the deliberate process that results to the same increased sensitivity and energy, only that these activities are incited by your conscious efforts. Coping With Dualities Those who are new to traveling in the astral planes are often confused by the different experience. Since you are traveling on a different dimension, your astral body will be wandering through unfamiliar territories. There is nothing about its features that can be associated with places in the "real" world and it involves a lot of vagueness all around. Dualities are certainly quite .mon with this experience, whether in the setting or in yourself. Aside from the duality that exists between your two types of bodies, you will encounter several more unfamiliar elements in the astral plane that will contribute to the confusion. As for the existing dual features of your astral and physical body, it really is easy for them to overlap. You start off with the type of consciousness that is associated with each one. Many people who experience astral travel are frightened with the idea of watching their own bed sleeping on a bed fast asleep. To get over this confusion over your consciousness of the body to which you belong, you can apply some practical techniques. If you dislike looking at your physical body, then it is best to turn away and keep traveling. If not, then you can return to your physical body and resume your normal physical state. If you keep practicing the method of astral projection, you will eventually learn the techniques of how to handle this different consciousness. Back To The Physical Body Those who desire to embark on an out of body travel must understand that this procedure is totally safe. It is only as good as dreaming but you are more involved with the entire process as opposed to being a passive dreamer. There are those who are hesitant to try this because of fear of not being able to return to the body. Sources of fear would be the inability to locate the body or the time restrictions needed for the return. Instead, returning to your body is a lot simpler than awakening your astral side. It does require a certain level of willingness though to .plete the process of leaving and returning to your physical body. Certain interferences such as noises, vibrations, and light could .e as part of the process. Meanwhile, your physical and astral body are linked via a Silver Cord that enables the two to remain connected despite your travel to a different dimension. Once you have .pleted your astral travel, then you can safely return to your physical body. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: