Visitors only Jiangnan old streets, Suzhou Tian Zhuang long time – Tian Zhuang Street Tourism Sohu is a long history and folkway Town, also known as the grange. She next to the Heyang mountain scenic area, east of the town village is connected with gold. In the middle of Ming Dynasty, Tian Zhuang gradually formed. The ancient town of the most prosperous Qianlong period, four main street, six lane and door, door and Bei Xiang a grand standing on the floor, more upstairs overlooking the town, residents reached 1000. Now the Tian Zhuang Street well preserved ancient buildings is the main street, which is the core area of the town. Bridges, water, people, this is the eternal image of Jiangnan Water village. Walk a couple of Jiangnan Town, always meet cloudy, walk in the gray sky, always a little depressed. In Tian Zhuang, not during the sunny, give me sunny town. Today is Monday, not what tourist town, building the Ming and Qing Dynasties under the blue sky, a few in the photographer, a picture of the space shuttle, with respect to the famous town I love the streams of people busily coming and going, this belongs to our town, quiet simplicity. On the roof, a sparrow leisurely basking in the sun throughout the north is a stone road, 280 meters long, 2 meters wide, 481 pieces of stone left, drainage facilities under the stone street on both sides of buildings are retained the original style of the Qing Dynasty and Republic of china. One hundred years, the pedestrian and the wind and rain erosion, thick stone edges have been rubbed off, and the street of the old streets complement each other, this is history. The street of the old business, a blacksmith shop, in such a relatively closed Southern Town, will have a living space of these artisans. I said, Tian Zhuang is a human town. We are not in a hurry, these tourists, crying hard store vendors. I like the relatively independent of the ancient town, has not been submerged in the tide of commercialization of Jiangnan Water Village, which will find the dream of the southern poetry. As you flow flies, I still retain their own living habits, reading, hand sewing, street life, never change. Go to the north of the street, standing on the bridge, a good picture of the water village, everyone said that the south is good, visitors should be in the South until the old. Spring clear green river than the sky is blue, visitors can have painted on the ship in listening to the rain. Jiangnan restaurant liquor woman was beautiful, his arms pull up the sleeve when the liquor is as white as snow. Jiangnan, in addition to water, but also rich celebrities. Tian Zhuang and surrounding villages emerged in 65 historical figures, including champion 4, 1 second, 31 Jinshi, on the street, some historical celebrities left the building, paul. The second house, young, young, filial piety Fang Nan Zhai Jiang Zhaideng are precious ancient buildings these historical figures spread to future generations. A richly ornamented building, exquisite carving means that extraordinary worship house owner Yang Nan Zhai ancestor portraits, cultural heritage, endless generations. The second house, the early Qing Emperor Qianlong built Dai Yang child ticket相关的主题文章: