Want to take the men of God, to get rid of the black eye. Source: VOGUE Chinese micro signal: voguechina we are haunted by the black eye, but you may not know, even the black eye is divided into types, different types of stroke black eye is different, some can be solved through the eye cream, some can not. This is our most common type of black eye. General presentation of the color is light blue or purple red, if you can’t judge his black eye, then opened near the black rim of the eye skin gently, the color is more obvious, it shows your darker vessels. Why is that? You know, the eye skin is the thinnest skin of our human body, only 13 of the other parts of the skin thin, so the subcutaneous fat layer is very thin or not, subcutaneous blood vessels are easily exposed. As we age, the subcutaneous fat will be less and less, the black eye will increase with age and color becomes heavier. How to solve? Vascular type black eye because it is not because of the pigment caused by the general whitening eye cream on this situation is completely useless. Containing vitamin A and vitamin C eye cream, can help increase the thickness of the dermis, improve blood circulation, while the addition of vitamin K eye cream, you can reduce the accumulation of blood. Pigment black eye pigment type black eye often around the eye in the circle on Monday, including the upper eyelid, the color from the light brown to dark will have, often heavier on the eyelids. Why is that? The basic factors of pigmentation from the day after tomorrow, for example, never in the eyes of sunscreen, formed after years of sun after dark eye; and rub your eyes have many years of bad habits, can also cause eye skin color and deep skin will become rough. And even spots. How to solve? First of all, to avoid more melanin pigmentation, the most important thing is to smear sunscreen every day, if the eye is more vulnerable to the skin is not afraid to use sunscreen, then be sure to wear sunglasses to go out. Whitening eye cream can be used up, the effect will not be too obvious, but insisted that there will still be effective. Shadow black eye shadow of the most obvious feature of the black eye is accompanied by bags under the eyes, the lacrimal channel showed the situation. Because the bags under the eyes prominent, the tear trough after the formation of the eye shadow, hold the skin around the fingers, you will find that the eye does not have dark circles appear. Why is that? With the increase of age, the skin around the eyes will become more relaxed, when fat mass changes, tarsal muscle bulge ptosis, eye bags will become apparent, and the tear trough depression, formed a black eye shadow. How to solve? Cosmetics can not do this at the time, because cosmetics can not change the form of muscle, fat. So the eye cream is no way to help you, micro plastic fat transplantation, hyaluronic acid injection, can fill the depression to reduce fat, so that the shadow disappeared. Actress pure makeup tips by day and night nursing Sin Se-Gyeong 2016 Vitoria Secret lingerie show December 6th hot hits! Sexy supermodel beautiful wings are inserted, Tencent invites you to watch the 2016 sexiest visual feast down down down相关的主题文章: