Software There are two possible approaches in extending such Corporate ERP application as Microsoft Dynamics GP (former name Great Plains Dynamics) with WMS, SCM and another Barcode automation based system. First would be external system, which has rich Distribution, Logistics logic, including Purchase Receipts, Order Fulfillment (with Picking and Packing or even Light Assembly Production Order), Cycle Count, Truck Routing; and the second approach would be to enable these functions for barcode scanner user interface from your ERP application itself. We are favoring the second approach, as it enables you to save on Software Licenses (you do not need to pay twice to WMS and SCM logic in Warehouse Management System and initially in Microsoft Dynamics GP or another Corporate ERP system, such as SAP Business One for example) and plus you do not have to pay additional consulting hours for EMS integration tuning (or even "implementation", as there might be more integration points, than out of the box WMS integration offers and your Warehouse Management business processes might require additional custom logic, such as consignment, disassembly BOM, etc.) 1.Technology. If you are deploying real time WMS extension, it should work directly out of Dynamics GP .pany Database tables. This is exactly what we have, traditionally we deploy the set of SQL stored procedures, named as Order Connector, where we expose GP Sales Order processing and some functionality in other modules for real time documents integration. Existing documents lookup in GP is not a big concern for product developer, as lookup is SQL Select statement, where you cannot do any harm to the data and its integrity. The client application of our WMS is running on Barcoding scanner screen and it is connected directly to Dynamics GP database 2.Integration Points. There are three points in Basic version of the WMS: POP Purchase Receipts, SOP Sales Order line fulfillment and Inventory Control Cycle Count/Inventory Transfer Transaction. We do support Inventory Item Lot Numbering as optional feature 3.Barcode Scanner User Interface for WMS. Here the philosophy is simplicity, one step at the time. Interface is available in old fashioned DOS text version as well as in advanced graphical version 4.Openness for Modifications. Our ERP and WMS philosophy is based on the system flexibility principle. This is why we are happy to work with your IT or Warehouse workers to tune our WMS solution to fit your precise requirements 5.Convergence 2010. We plan to demo our WMS module on Convergence in Atlanta. Feel free to visit out pavilion, we have multiple promotions, regarding Dynamics GP WMS, Barcoding, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Distributions, e.merce add-ons. If you are reading these lines when Atlanta Convergence is already history, feel free to call us: 1-866-528-0577, internationally 1-630-961-5918 or email us [email protected] 6.WMS and International Aspect. Technically Dynamics GP could be implemented internationally, however it is only localized as Corporate and Small Business ERP in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Oceania, limited localization is available in Mexico, Spanish speaking South America and Caribbean region, special words of recognition for Arabic version of Microsoft Dynamics GP About the Author: 相关的主题文章: