[WB]24 on the auspicious square SMG football star the same odds of fear difficult odds, the odds the composition is not inexhaustible, a specific interval, the odds of the same structure will be repeated, the different structure of the combined odds play their what effect, historical performance throughout the same odds, can often find some breakthrough. Amiens VS star game time: October 25th 02:30 Amiens is currently ranked third B, record of 6 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, 17 lost 10 ball, the team offensive firepower outstanding defensive as well. But the team recently state has ups and downs, in the 9GF draw away to Aya after the home court 0-1 to fourth Troyes, Suo Xing last round 4-2 defeat away fifteenth to avoid the 3 victorious Boolean lattice. The Star League ranked sixteenth, record 2 wins 5 flat 4 negative, into 7 ball lost 12 ball, the offensive end is extremely weak, nearly 4 round 2 win 2 negative, the state is worrying. The odds are 2.07 3 3.75, with the history of lost and found probability is 44%, a probability of 31%, win probability is 25%, the odds that occupy a certain advantage. The longitudinal comparison, both sides of the 6 League meetings, Amiens 3 wins 1 flat 2 negative slightly upper hand, the home court 3 matches. From the trend, Amiens beat boolean lattice ushered in a rebound in the last round, red star and 4 rounds extremely bad. A record, Amiens this season 2 wins 2 flat 1 negative home court, against the recent state of the fiery red star road 1 wins 2 Troyes; flat 2 negative, only beat Ajaccio twelfth. Handicap, hemisphere disc, not much difference between the two sides. Europe, Amiens win lose down slightly, to strengthen its support. Amiens in the home court to Troyes, the need to avoid losing home court, while ensuring that the integral advantages of their own. The red star on the Nimes round and long road both sides fought 3-3, strike violently, remarkable toughness. Considering the game of choice to shake hands, a Amiens home court win相关的主题文章: