WeChat red packets on the eve of the new year’s reception is 8 times last year – Sohu news Xinhua Beijing February 8 (reporter Zhou Wenlin) WeChat announced the whole red date of the 8 New Year’s Eve red packets. New year’s Eve, the number of participating in the WeChat red transceiver reached 420 million, reached a total of 8 billion 80 million, is 8 times the 2015 New Year’s Eve horse. 409 thousand red packets are sent every second during peak hours. In addition, in the circle of friends to send photos based on the function of the fusion of the characteristics of the spring festival scene, and with the clever combination of red envelopes, WeChat launched a new picture of red envelopes on New Year’s eve. A large number of users to participate in the activities of a "precious photo bottom". A total of 29 million red envelopes photos, red envelopes photos more than 192 million times the total number of interaction. At the same time, in the shake envelopes activities, a total of 182 million red out. It is also understood that during the Spring Festival, more than 300 thousand stores in ten major cities in China, more than 2000 stores in many countries and regions abroad, have the opportunity to shake WeChat red packets after WeChat pays for consumption. People’s daily (2016, 02, 09, 02 Edition) page author: Zhou Wenlin (source: People’s Daily – People’s daily)

微信红包除夕收发总量是去年8倍-搜狐新闻  新华社北京2月8日电(记者周文林)微信8日公布了羊年除夕红包整体数据。除夕当日,微信红包的参与人数达到4.2亿人,收发总量达80.8亿个,是2015年马年除夕的8倍。最高峰期间每秒钟收发40.9万个红包。  此外,在朋友圈发照片的功能基础上,融合春节的场景特色,并与红包功能巧妙结合,微信在除夕推出了红包照片新玩法。大量参与活动的用户发出了“压箱底”的珍贵照片。共有2900万张红包照片发出,红包照片互动总次数超过1.92亿次。同时,在摇红包活动中,共计摇出1.82亿个红包。  另据了解,在春节期间,国内十大城市的30万家门店、境外多个国家和地区的超过2000家门店,在微信支付消费后都有机会摇得微信红包。  《 人民日报 》( 2016年02月09日 02 版)page  作者:周文林 (来源:人民网-人民日报)相关的主题文章: