Home-and-Family Trends in bridal saris Many a times Indian women are seen wearing saris, which is tradition garment. The trend of wearing saris is going on since ages. Years back, sari was the only option available for brides. Even though many options are available today, sari is still preferable by most of the brides on their D-day. No other garment can bestow the charm and elegance like a sari. This is the reason, why most Indian brides are still opting for wearing saris. Various trends of saris are found in different regions of India. The styles of saris differ according to different regions. Wedding is such a function which is very important in the lives of Indian brides. A bride always has to look good and be the center of attraction. Brides of India always prefer to wear saris to look descent and beautiful. One can opt from many varieties of bridal saris available in the market. The bride can shop from various stores which are specializing in bridal saris. Bridal saris should always be vibrant and bold. The trends of various other garments vary to a great extent, but the traditional look is always seen in bridal saris. This traditional factor of the sari gives a perfect look to the bride and makes her look stunning. Saris of georgette have been always in trend and have been the favorite choice of all brides. The material of georgette is very rich. There are a variety of options available in this fabric and various designs are offered to the bride. Darker shades and saris with heavy work are very much in fashion these days. Silk saris which are hand woven are the latest trends. Nowadays one can find bridal saris which have an indo-western touch. The works on such saris are very heavy. If one is looking for exclusive saris, she can opt for heavy saris with silver or gold threads stitched on it. The patterns and styles of bridal saris are changing each day thus creating .petition in the market. All top quality saris are available in the market for making the bride look stunning and beautiful. As Indian culture is vast, saris are also designed to perfectly match the rituals and traditions. Mostly the Guajarati brides prefer wearing bandhani saris or paa.ar, the Marathi brides wear nauwaari. The Marwari brides prefer to dress up in chaniyacholis while at the same time the Punjabi brides prefer lehengas. Thus the trends in saris are continuing over the years in accordance with various cultures and castes. Each sari has its own special importance and many shops specializing in bridal saris, honor all kinds of saris. To go perfectly with the saris, choosing the right blouse designs are also important. The beauty of the sari is greatly enhanced by the design and type of blouse. Another latest trend is that of a bridal sari dupatta. It dominates the wedding wears and is in great demand. Thus choosing the right match of a g.eous sari and an exclusive blouse design is very crucial About the Author: 相关的主题文章: