The development of the electricity supplier conference held in Xi’an Silk Road business alliance to start the Beijing – Beijing September 19 Xi’an Xinhua (reporter Tian Jin) 2016 Chinese Western e-commerce development conference 19 held in Xi’an, the Silk Road of e-commerce alliance started at the same time. According to reports, the conference on cooperation, sharing, innovation, development "as the theme, initiative and service" The Belt and Road "and the construction of a new round of western development strategy, to promote the rapid development of electronic commerce in Shaanxi and the western region to promote the field of electronic commerce, public Entrepreneurship, innovation. Deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, said Wang Guolong, the Internet has no boundaries and other restrictions, each product is likely to be international services, so the electricity supplier to the world to do good service. On the same day, the purpose is to bring together the strength of the union, the wisdom to benefit all over the electricity supplier of the Silk Road e-commerce alliance at the same time start. The person in charge of Chinese from 15 provinces Electricity Association, combined with the local development of e-commerce, e-commerce development along the Silk Road in the West and". Jiang Qiping, vice chairman of China Association of e-commerce, said that in recent years, China’s rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce has become the world’s fastest growing countries. At present, e-commerce has become an important driving force to lead the transformation of production and lifestyle. The first half of 2016, China’s online shopping users reached 480 million people, e-commerce transactions amounted to $10 trillion and 500 billion, online retail market transaction size of 230 million yuan. It is understood that the conference will be through the exchange of learning, "break the bottleneck of the development of rural electricity providers, cross-border electricity supplier development path", "e-commerce precise poverty reduction and other aspects of research, to explore the business development of new ideas, new methods and new models. (end)相关的主题文章: