What does your mother do to protect your breast after weaning? Sohu – mother Yuanyuan is my friend, her body explodes, the envy of most people is to have a big chest. Not married, Yuanyuan is C cup chest. After pregnancy, her chest is more like the inflated balloon, a road from the appreciation of C F cup, every time we joke that ordinary people is pregnant with a ball, but she took three balls in pregnancy. Yuanyuan always smiling scold we don’t understand her distress, she said the cup becomes larger, not good to buy underwear. After the child was born, she is very conscientious Yuesao please help her every breast all to the pain, her heart cry, but the advantage is the clatter of milk to flow out, every time your baby drink half full of wine. They also raised two with breast cups, rose from F to H, she said the breast is too large is too hard, complaining behind, also can feel she has a proud figure of joy. However, children after weaning, Yuanyuan became depressed, originally a weaning, round breast like gas shortage as the ball, before no longer straight. She felt his chest becomes small, as if from a C cup fell into B cup. One day, she went to buy underwear, underwear shop assistant to help her try to say that her chest did not shrink, but after breastfeeding becomes loose and sagging, so small. After hearing the underwear clerk, Yuanyuan even more depressed. She’d rather narrow her breasts! In fact, not all Yuanyuan, breastfeeding mothers are found after weaning breast sagging will, lactation time is longer, the more serious the sagging. As long as pregnant women, breast-feeding, breasts will sag. The more times of pregnancy and lactation, sagging is more serious. My classmates after the second child is Niu, deeply felt more severe breast ptosis. She said finally understand why those children much mother chest so drooped, if you feed a few years, breast can also be hanging out such as bags generally easily thrown back up. This is mainly because during pregnancy and lactation, female breast acinar atrophy, primary mesenchyme in fibrous connective tissue caused by the milk filling at the end of pregnancy and lactation and extension, elongated, but after the cessation of breast-feeding was extended, elongated connective tissue never recover to pregnancy before the breast relaxation and elastic, will droop. So as long as breast-feeding, it is inevitable that there will be a phenomenon of sagging breasts, this sag and chest small chest does not matter, regardless of the size of the chest will be small and small relaxation. Some mothers do not want to face such a result, in order to maintain a perfect figure, they will choose not to breast feed or feed their children only two or three months, hoping to keep the breast and by reducing the time of lactation. Indeed, it would be better for the chest. But it raises the question of increasing the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Feeding your baby can reduce the levels of hormones related to cancer in the body, while helping the body to remove the damaged cells in the breast, thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer. So after giving birth to a child, breastfeeding at least 6 months or more. Breast feeding time相关的主题文章: