Protect Your Kids It is essential to protect your children from the potentially dangerous effects of nasty insect bites. Since children playing outdoors are often bitten or stung by insects, when children are outside and no matter what they are doing, it is important for them to be protected. Insect Bite Facts When an insect bites, it injects venom or other substances and bacteria into your child’s skin. Bites from bees, yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, fire ants and some spiders are usually the most problematic. Bites from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, biting flies and spiders can also cause reactions. While only a small percentage of children develop severe reactions to insect venom, it can definitely cause an allergic reaction depending on how sensitive your child’s skin is. Some signs to be aware of are: fever, hives, skin rashes, painful joints and swollen glands. Call Your Doctor Within 24 Hours if you feel your child needs to be seen. Some symptoms of an allergic reaction can be very severe. Anaphylaxis is a response that leads to shortness of breath or wheezing, tightening of the throat, shock and loss of consciousness. If this is the case, Call 911 immediately. Your child may need an ambulance for symptoms of anaphylaxis from bee, yellow jacket, wasp, or fire ant stings. Most of the time pesky bug bites or stings only cause mild swelling and an annoying experience of itching or a stinging sensation. Watch out for sores from children scratching since their bites can be.e infected and leave scars. Prevention is Your Best Bet Teach your children to play it safe. Preventing bug bites is important since insects can be transmitters of disease. You can bring awareness to your family’s skin care by being an example. Children respond better when they see you protecting your skin. Begin by following these re.mendations: Helpful Tips If your child has had a serious reaction to insect bites or stings, ask your doctor about an emergency care kit. Try not to provoke insects. Avoid quick, jerky movements around insect hives and nests. Play in safe areas. Do not allow your child to play in high grass or weeds. Limit the time your child spends in wooded areas. Avoid wearing perfumes. Avoid wearing floral-patterned clothing. Instead, wear light, solid colors. Protect your child well by having them wear protective clothing to properly cover their skin when out in the woods. Wear long-sleeved shirts and tuck pant cuffs into socks to help protect their ankles. This helps to avoid ticks and the risk of contracting Lyme Disease. Make sure they wear shoes while walking or running in grassy areas to avoid stings to the feet. Cover your child’s head and neck with a full brimmed hat to shield them from getting bites. Have them wear gloves when they help you in the garden to avoid bites and stings. Regularly check their clothes for bugs. Additional Tips: Stay out of shady areas near bushes and shrubs. Use protective netting when sleeping or eating outdoors. Flying pests like mosquitoes and gnats .e out to feast after the sun sets. Eat outdoors with caution, especially or in areas near garbage cans. Avoid sweetened foods and beverages. Give your dogs and cats flea and tick treatments Have properly-fitted screens on your home’s windows. Remove standing water from your yard. Mosquitoes .monly breed in standing water. Use an All Natural Insect Repellent Although it may not be possible to prevent all bug bites, observing these re.mendations may reduce the number of bug bites your child gets. The first line of defense against annoying bug bites is to use an appropriate insect repellent. AWARD WINNING Baby Cakes No-Fly Zone ALL NATURAL insect repellent is for baby, children & adult care alike. No-Fly Zone baby skin care insect repellent has an herbal, natural skin care recipe that blends essential oils & extracts to work hard yet naturally to keep mosquitoes, fleas & bugs away from your child’s skin. This natural skin care insect repellent is pH balanced for healthy baby skin care – and it smells great too! No-Fly Zone natural skin care insect repellent contains NO DEET, NO POISONS OR SYNTHETIC INSECTICIDES. It is ideal for spraying you’re your infant carrier, baby stroller, baby clothes, bed linens and even your picnic blanket. Here’ to your family’s good health! Diane Cuesta Owner of SkinCareBaby LLC About the Author: 相关的主题文章: