The world’s most beautiful bookstore and theater – Sohu what kind of tourism is "National Geographic" and many of the media called the world’s most beautiful Teatro Colon, is the most beautiful architectural art, as a typical Renaissance style building, there is enough reason to let all the petty youth lose themselves. This seat next to the New York Metropolitan Opera and Milan La Scala theater of the world’s third largest opera house was built in 1889, has experienced one hundred years, it increasingly shows its luxurious and heavy bearing. The interior of the Teatro Colon is very luxurious, the overall decoration with red and yellow. Red velvet carpet thick soft and comfortable, gilt decorations everywhere, at the top of the diamond pendant is dazzling. Walk into the theater, eyeful is beautiful decoration decoration, luxurious feeling pumianerlai. Here also has the world’s largest stage, 35.25 meters long, up to 34.5 meters, people have to admire its top style. As the world famous Grand Theater, Teatro Colon has also been praised for its sound effects, it is flawless flawless. One of the Three Tenors world of Pavarotti, in 80s after the concert stage here once said: "I’ll never be here on the stage, the theatre is the world’s best sound effects, just a few hours, I was very nervous, afraid to go wrong, everyone will hear it." It can be imagined that if you look at a show in such a grand theater, it will be an excellent artistic enjoyment. The perfect trip to Buenos Aires, how can we miss the world ‘s second – largest bookstore in Athens El Ateneo, the bookstore was formerly built in 1860 for the queen of Argentina palace. The bookstore also holds a dome of Italy painter Irisa Reynolds. Ourlands painted dome mural decoration, noble and elegant, the bookstore is regarded as a landmark in Buenos Aires. Royal fan, classical fan, gorgeous fan, this bookstore is accounted for. Because of this, in the "top shelf" in one book, the British "Guardian" reporter Sean Dodson selects the best ten bookstores in his mind, the first is the Church of Holland bookstore, and second to the Athens bookstore. Or read, or travel, the body and soul is always on the road. I am glad to be able to come to such an ancient and sacred bookstore, which is undoubtedly a kind of enjoyment. PS: AA American airlines fly to the South American the fly south America, I alternate airlines and American Airlines, Turkey airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, the price is also found in increasing 2000-3000 dollars, Turkish Airlines Istanbul due to political instability, first of all to deny the. A friend told me to go to South America, because the earth is far away from Chinese, plus transit fly nearly 30 hours, most of the time will think of business class, airlines and Emirates business card or at least more than 40 thousand AA, but only more than 20 thousand American Airlines, more important is the United States Air L相关的主题文章: