What kind of advertising on the phone is not annoying, Google gave some tips – Sohu science and technology this article from curiosity daily, more good articles in the major app store search curiosity daily". Every time you open some applications are full screen advertising, will be a bit unhappy? Google thinks so too. Recently, Google lists some of them think that Android will affect the user experience of mobile phone advertising: will block the web page pop-up ads will cover the entire page; inserts; user need to click close to continue browsing the web; those disguised as no cover page inserts. Cover page pop-up ads and insert ads, like the middle and right two picture. These unfriendly ads will be reduced next year Google related web search rankings. In the blog, Google also gives some tips for friendly advertising. For example, will not take up too much space for mobile phone and it is easy to turn off the page advertising, like Safari or Chrome applications installed in the browser that recommended banner ads, they will only occupy the mobile phone on a very limited part of the screen space. In addition, some age verification pop, pop and Cookie access is allowed to appear in the login window. Not so annoying ads and pop-up ads as Google form the most important source of income, it is also facing the recent advertising information flow in social networking sites competition. As far as possible so that it does not affect the user experience is seen more and more heavy Google. Last year, Google screened 780 million bad ads". These ads include those with malicious download software, selling fake, will cover the text of the page and click on the ads. But in addition, it also try a variety of new interactive forms of advertising, such as last year’s "demo advertisement", which lets the user application demo 60 seconds in the advertising page, to help users decide whether to download. Figure Asiatraining love this article? Go to the App store search curiosity daily, every day different.相关的主题文章: