UnCategorized Regardless of the recent increase in cookery show in the television famous chefs a re actually nothing new. The wealthy and royalty have always praised great chefs and this dates back to historical times. The first famous chef is Antoine Careme. This chef became famous during the eighteenth century. This famous chef was known as the chef of the kings and also the king of the chefs. Antoine Careme did not only be.e famous for his cooking skills, as he was also well known for his masterpiece, which covered five different volumes. This masterpiece was known as "The art of French Cooking". These books featured a .bination of French cooking and it contained hundreds of different recipes that originate from France. These books also featured instructions on menu planning and table settings. Antoine Careme was given the credit as being the father of the art of French cookery. The first professional chef that appeared on television was probably Julia Child who was from America. Julia Child attended the well know Cordon Bleu catering school. While Julia Child attended the catering school her husband was assigned to the United States of America Information Agency, which was based in Paris. Julia Child first appeared on television in 1963 in her debut program that was known as The French Chef. The definition of a chef is someone who has learned the art of cooking and worked in a professional catering kitchen such as in a hotel, club or resort. There has never been any research carried out to discover how many professional chefs are actually working in the world. Professional celebrity chefs have all had .mon traits and this is the case all though history. All of the celebrity chefs have all achieved at least three of five different things. These ac.plishments include: They have all had a lot of hands on experience with other culinary professionals. They have all achieved education in culinary arts at a well known culinary institute or catering school. They have all worked as an apprentice along side a celebrated chef or in a famous club, resort or restaurant. They have all successfully owned or at least co-owned a restaurant. They have all taught other aspiring students or chefs They have also all wrote several books on the topic of catering, food science, cooking and home entertainment. Another very .mon sign of a professional celebrity in the sector of culinary arts is the never-ending love of food. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: