UnCategorized If you are just starting out in life and want to obtain training in the field of esthetics, or if you are looking for a rewarding career change, you will want to select the very best school for advanced skin care in your area. There really are distinctive differences among these schools, and the one you choose may ultimately determine your success in the fast-growing field of esthetics. As you begin your research, here are some characteristics to look for in a school. –The Cutting Edge The science and philosophy of good skin care is constantly evolving: you only want to affiliate yourself with a cutting-edge organization that teaches the very latest in medical esthetics, skin care techniques, make-up trends, and overall body care. –A .fortable Place to Learn You will be spending a lot of time at esthetician training school, and so you want to feel at home there. Visit several facilities to get a gauge on their differences, then pay careful attention to where you feel most .fortable. –Low Teacher/Student Ratio The very best teaching environment is one in which students get lots of individualized attention. This allows for appropriate amounts of hands-on training, essential to be.ing a master esthetician. A low teacher to student ratio (say, only 10-15 students per class) will ensure that you are getting the attention you need to learn properly. –Quality Instructors The instructors at a superior esthetician training school will .e from a wide variety of backgrounds and will have worked extensively in the field. The old adage "those who can’t do: teach" does not apply here. Good teachers will have strong work experience of their own and each should be an expert in a particular field of specialty. –High Pass Rate Be sure to thoroughly check out the pass rate for any school you have under consideration. There should be a high pass rate both for state exams as well as licensing. A high pass rate is indicative of an excellent classroom theory program coupled with extensive test preparation. —-Successful Placement Record Part of a school’s job is to help place their excellent-trained graduates! An indicator of a school’s superiority is its ability to place around 90 percent or more of its graduates. Their professionals work hard with day spas, medical spas, resorts, and medical facilities to get you in a position you will love and help you break into the .petitive field of esthetics. Choosing the school that will give you the education and training excellence you need to succeed is an important decision: take the time to select carefully. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: