The value of life where the value of life while we know that your life is not long, but indulge in meaningless things for their trouble, but also for their own the doings. We need to reflect on ourselves, and how much time is left for us to live in the world? How should we devote our lives to make it more valuable. Time flows, time will never stop for us, our lives will be reduced by seconds. In order to allow everyone to be alert to life, there is a master who explained in detail on this matter, and now share with you. The master often reminded to repair the temple of merit to householders: "everyone is tired of suffering and joy, human life can not resist the pain, so life is joy and pain. We are ready to mindfulness to face the pain at any time." "Everyone has a hard time in life, which is inevitable. There are three kinds of bitter, that is sickness and death. These bitter days are waiting for us, just light or heavy." "To tell the truth, we can all see clearly the pain of carrying on. We are covered by other things, and even find more suffering. We hope to get happiness from love, husband, wife, children and so on, in fact they itself, as we also have to suffer." "When we get when they can be happy to do so. But we have to share their suffering, but also with the pain of separation." Who has a family, with a child, we should understand the suffering, work, life and care for their parents, almost spent our time. Once you have your own family, you have to play the role of a couple, and take on the responsibility of parenthood. So family life makes us worry and persistent." "If you understand correctly the family life, will have a happy time, but in the end who are not out of pain, because not stop Shenglisibie staged in the world, although very loving, very caring, very persistent, one day must be separated. Although we do not want to face, but this is the reality of life, one day, we will meet it. Therefore, people living in the world, if you want to live a happy life, you need to know how to endure, accept the pain, do not fool to find new pain." "Some people may think that this teaching approach is pessimistic. But to understand the nature of this world, we can face it in the right way." "The Buddha is a great winner from suffering, he told us, calm in the face of unexpected bitter people, ready to face the mental sickness and death threats, but also need to constantly remind myself three things, that is: (a) know the real goal of life is clear: we are born as men, not in order to play pleasure, in the samsara rotation, but the accumulation of merit, follow the positive enlightenment Buddha’s footsteps, to nirvana. (two) know how to remind yourself: that is, to always think of death, death is inevitable, we can not escape and avoid death, but also do not know when they will die, at the same time.相关的主题文章: