Arts-and-Entertainment Direct TV (Directv) is digital quality television. It functions when the programming is up-linked to a satellite & is then sent directly to our dish. The quality of the picture and sound received through Direct TV is much better than what is given by cable operators. Direct TV is nations first high power direct broadcast service which began in 1994. It is the fastest selling electronic product ever. It has a huge & stable company which has more than 13 million subscribers. The equipment mainly consists of three items. One is a dish which is nearly 18 inches, second item is an integrated receiver decoder and third one is remote control. Direct TV uses 4 high powers satellites built by Hughes Ele and one by Loral. On Aug.10, 2000 the Direct TV announced its renaming. The satellites of Direct TV are in an orbit 22300 miles above the equator. These satellite are arranged in such a way that each one provide 8 or more transponders at 240watt each and the best convenience is that no adjustment of dish is required to change the programming. Thus Direct TV is one of the best choices which Americans go in for satellite TV. J.D. Power & Associates say that Direct TV is superb. The consumers have also rated satellite TV better than cable companies in America. The transmission through Direct TV is incomparable to the one given by the cable TV. There is a vast difference in costing also. As there is limited transmission of channels due to limited line set up, Direct TV has a vast selling of transmission due to being a part of satellite TV. Direct TV is one of the best sources we can rely for our entertainment. Direct TV offers us available local channels in all the packages provided to viewers. We can select a choice of packages according to need of our family. The Direct TV offers great HDTV line ups. One more very important thing which Direct TV provides us is digital video recording. It is going to change our way of watching TV. We can watch television in our own schedule without any commercials. We got nearly 225 channels of quality and even access to twenty five sports channel and 30 premium channels. We have a choice of 50 pay-per-views for everyday. If we compare to cable TV, Direct TV has gone beyond and above any service. Direct TV has very easy installing equipments. The satellite dish can be mounted outside any house, office, apartments, hospital etc. The dish net work is a major and direct competitor of Direct TV. Dish network was launched in US in 1996.It is also a direct broadcast satellite service that broadcasts digital satellite TV and audio to viewers. Direct TV and DNTV are providing a quality service of transmission to US viewers. To take the advantage of services we have to just take the choice of package. If we move from the place we can carry the dish with us anywhere in US. We even have a facility to resell the dish if we wish to. Ultimately all the parents are also happy because now their children would watch only those channels which parents wish for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: