UnCategorized I know why because I represented a large number of the women who attended Dr Ellie Drake’s last conference in Atlanta in October. That is the reason why it has taken me until today to finish writing this article. We were given the opportunity to have a taped interview on stage with Ellie. I failed to capture the life changing opportunity. So many of us have deep whispers in our minds, but show no effort or intent to turn our internal thoughts into reality. I must create a new starting point in my though process. I do want to thank the ladies who did get up and give their personal interviews. They showed courage and leadership. . For me, I sat in my chair talking to myself. I had to over.e limiting beliefs through changing my self talk. And my limiting beliefs came out by the hundreds. I will list a few. 1) I am not a speaker. (Fear of speaking up in a situation that you might desire to change) Over the years I have given hundreds of one on one presentations and cold call presentations during my 18 years as a yellow page sales representative but I have never given a personal interview with several hundred smart business women listening. 2) I would sound stupid because I would be unable to answer the question. I would not understand the question. I did not want to embarrass Ellie or myself. 3) I would not be heard. My voice can be heard in most places, but if I get into an embarrassing situation I may not want to talk anymore. I would like to hide under the chair. 4) I did not have the courage to risk failure. I was a single mom for 18 years without any support from my son’s father. I put him through college and he now owns a 7 figure business. I was able to purchase houses, cars and all my bills were paid on time. I had one sister when I was growing up. She graduated from college and went on to have a very high glamour job in NY for the first couple years following college, but for the last 40 years she has been mentally ill and not able to work or live alone. I did not attend college, because I was not a good student. My parents always .pared me to my sister because a college degree was the end of the rainbow, the key to success. With Ellie’s help I have been able to realize I can do anything I want. I just have to believe it. I must face my fear I must make the life changing decision to take a stand for freedom… Every time someone got up and talked about their home based business I said to myself I will be next, but I never raised my hand or signed up to be called. Ellie is not a mind reader. She is a great teacher, but she does not have a crystal ball with my name on it. When it was all over I was very angry with myself. I have a big wish bone, but not a back bone. I must learn how to make every hour in the day count. For me to put all of this in writing for the world to see is worth a million dollars to me. I am a leader and I have been a leader. I have chaired fund raising art auctions, a mission trip to Honduras and many other events. I saw a need and took the action to get the results. I think my limiting beliefs dealing with speaking have to do with over.ing shyness. I have learned that shyness is not something that is hardwired into our brains. It is a condition of the mind that is developed as an adolescent. I believe a lot of what I had to deal with came from being .pared to my sister. One thing that helps change shyness is volunteering. When you volunteer to assist a local organization you are not being judged on your talents and your skills. As a volunteer you may discover skills and talents you did not know you possessed. The second thing that helps over.e shyness is through changing your own self talk. Positive self talk will raise your level of belief in yourself and self talk makes you think out loud. Thinking out loud forces you to change your self talk. It is a life changing decision that will change your life forever. You can visualize yourself depositing your first million dollar check from your home based business. I am tired of being a giant drowning in 3 ft of water. I must stand up and take a stand. About the Author: Million Dollar Dream 相关的主题文章: