Automatic fire "manual" so why there are so many loyal fans – Sohu mentioned car manual, we thought is "fun to drive"; said automatic, we thought is "comfortable and convenient". In fact, manual and automatic PK from automatic birth had not stopped to buy a car, many friends in the tangle of "automatic or manual", but many older drivers still love manual. There are even people who have had the idea that manual gear will be phased out! So why is it still standing in the automotive industry? First of all, to know the automatic doubt than manual open up more comfortable, the pursuit of comfort is certainly driving automatic car was born. However, the manual also has a natural advantage of his hand, otherwise the manual block has been eliminated. Here’s how the old drivers say. Low failure rate: manual car gearbox structure than the automatic was a little simple, the probability of failure is relatively low, and the maintenance cost is also much lower than the automatic maintenance, and automatic transmission with long time performance will decline, some places will not block the manual operation convenient: manual control of the machine more to the driver, the manual in the non long downhill sliding safety; can use the engine downshifts to release the clutch, the brake deceleration together, can greatly reduce the braking distance; speed gears, opposite the familiar people, manual can downshift even a drop of two stalls, overtaking fierce refueling. Cheap and fuel-efficient cars on the market: at present, the various models of manual and automatic price is generally between 10 thousand ~2 million. It is understood that the manual transmission structure is relatively simple manufacture, convenient maintenance and low cost; it is understood in Europe, especially in Germany, car market share proportion is much larger than the auto car, this is the truth. As for fuel, in principle is manual more fuel-efficient, but now the seven or eight speed automatic gearbox applications, fuel consumption advantages of manual gearbox has basically No. Of course, for low-grade cars, this advantage is still. Of course, this is also related to the driver’s driving habits. There is no sense of operation: look at the high-end sports car, almost no automatic block. In fact, the manual block behind the cumbersome shift, with endless fun. Especially in different road conditions, the manual transmission car can accurately shift the gear to get the best speed. Although tiptronic car can also be reached, but under the push push and block mode is obviously not manual fun, the automatic transmission is not to mention, then the perfect computer can at any time to just perfect people’s psychological analysis by accelerator. Therefore, the opening of the manual block will feel the car is listening to you, the driver will get a kind of operational pleasure, full of desire to conquer! It’s not hard to understand why there are so many "fans" in manual! About the car master: the car is a problem, find a car master! The car has 120 thousand professional Master Certified Automotive Technician 4S shop 10 minutes, answer your car repair, maintenance, car and other aspects of the problem. PS: Car master also opened in the country on the system相关的主题文章: