Sports-and-Recreation If only Dr.Ellie Richard could see how far did his invention go, surely he would not regret why did he device the predecessor of the modern bike. What started as massive four-wheeled wagon that was driven by two persons, ended up as small, light and two-wheeled vehicle. Other than that, the bicycle has turned out to be a part of one of the most well-loved outdoor activities of men and women, alike. With out the invention of bicycles, cycling would not have been introduced towards the folks. After a couple of centuries, lastly, the bicycle that’s pneumatic, secure and quick was born, and since then, cycling clubs have sprouted like mushrooms. When modern bicycle was invented, many Americans have be.e fans of cycling; thus, they urged the Congress for better race tracks. The frenzy for the sport has continued until today, and Texas is one of the areas where cyclists found the paradise. Because of the picturesque and well cared for racetracks, perfect terrains and wide array of outdoor activities from which to select, Austin, Texas has be.e the perfect sanctuary for cyclists. Popularly known as one the country’s healthiest and most active states, locals and tourists from afar .e to visit the place not only to race, but to enjoy the wide array of outdoor activities, as well. More than that, Texas came to be known in the world of cycling because of Lance Armstrong, the man who garnered 7 championships in Tour de France. Aside from the excellent race tracks, it was Lance Armstrong’s moving victories that opened Texas towards the world of cycling, and turned into among the country’s preferred destinations for cyclists. His victories moved a lot of men and women due to the fact that he earned all 7 championships soon after his fierce battle with cancer; therefore, a lot of cyclists look at him as inspiration. As the cyclists’ sanctuary, Austin, Texas will be the place of numerous cycling clubs and bike shops. Moreover, to let all of the individuals of Austin gain access to all the things needed for cycling activities, and to provide for the growing needs of the .munity, numerous Texans venture into bike .pany that provides services like maintenance and bike rentals. Moreover, two of the well-established names in the .pany are Mellow Johnny and Bicycle Support Shops, which are both proud for the high quality service they give the .munity. On the other hand, because of its large .munity of cyclists, Texans have called for the help of the Internet to keep all cycling .munities informed of all the events for the club’s bike rides. Indeed, cycling has carved its effect on the life of Texans. This has been proven through the number of visitors visiting the area and also the booming bicycle .panies. Texas would not have .e to appreciate all of these if it was not because of Dr. Ellie Richard. If he did not device the predecessor of the modern bicycle, cycling wouldn’t have been introduced, and Texas wouldn’t have turned out to be haven for cyclists. Copyright (c) 2011 Andrew Scherer About the Author: 相关的主题文章: