Dating If you are like me ( as I was before), by now you would be thinking there is no ‘Mr or Mrs Right’ out there for you. My personal answer to this will be NO! There is certainly NO RIGHT PARTNER for you out there. Like any product, valuable products are highly priced while the mass production goods are of low quality and less priced. Looking at the low quality products, which you will agree with me, they hardly command any care and are very short lived. This is what happens to anyone who does not put value on him or herself when it comes to relationships. It is hard hitting but the truth! You need to first RESPECT YOURSELF and the world will follow suit. Taking a common pair of jeans, if you do buy two pairs one for $25.00 and another for $250.00 it is logic that you will rough ride the $25.00 pair and the $250 pair would be reserved for your special outings. Even how you care for these two pairs of jeans would be different. In the same manner this is what most people do go through in relationships and we wonder why some particular girls or boys do have all the luck and fun. The answer is they do love themselves, respect themselves AND price themselves very high, because they are confident in themselves, PERIOD! And when I talk about price I do not mean just demanding to be taken to the most expensive restaurants or being given the most costly gifts that have ever been sold on this earth. That is a definite NO GO! In life, the image and impression you create is the premises on which (fortunately or unfortunately) people judge you. If you look and act insecure and not confident, people will treat you with the due corresponding attention, and vise versa. Our behavior is also another way in which we attract particular type of people into our lives. Maybe you think being ‘generous, humble, kind, ever ready and loving’ is the way to get your right partner. Not quite. Some people on the other hand, simply do not know how to win their true love at all and they consequently end up missing up in the opportunity to find true love or rush into relationships that they only convince themselves to be the true one which most often end up in separation and broken hearts. If you do follow societal news then you must be aware of the fact that now an enormous amount of married couples not even to mention relationships outside marriage are ending up in separation even before their first wedding anniversary. This is more scary than any horror movie you will ever watch your whole life. In the school of love, the saying that ‘love is patient, respect, kind, humble, etc…’ REALLY is true. The problem, like most systems is how to wisely apply these principles practically to achieve the desired results. There is nothing like having the patience to learn how to attract and win the RIGHT person to love for life unless you enjoy running your life like in the FAST FOOD business and your love is just ‘TO GO’. In recent times, the Internet has opened a great opportunity for singles to find love through Internet. That is excellent but the missing ingredient or should I call it the overlooked factor for having a lasting relationship is the inability to project the appropriate image. You need not only to ‘be nice’ in your chats with your ‘prospect,’ the REAL YOU comes to light when you have your first date and your (if at all lucky) subsequent meetings. Then is when the cycle begins again and you begin to wonder if you will ever find true love! YES YOU CAN definitely find true love regardless of what medium you use. But like everything on this planet earth, there is a price to pay if you want to attract your true love, and any serious individual who desires to find true love must pay the price for it. However, in paying this price, there are proven ways that one can follow in order not to make your price too dear than it necessarily must be. Kissing frogs must not be that costly, the price for the prince/princess is dear enough. Love is a sacred and a beautiful feeling so take time to search well for the right and deserving partner and you will never regret. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: