The women’s 6 million Olympic Games last year issued a bonus promotion bonus has not delayed Sohu Sports Beijing News News (reporter Fang Liang) Chinese’s tomorrow will usher in the first gathering in Chongqing for " Yongchuan four international women’s tournament ". However, the end of the Rio Olympic journey nearly two months, the women’s football players have not yet reached the promotion bonus. This afternoon, coach Bruno appeared in the stadium, watching the Beijing women of Shandong women’s football tournament. From time to time, the French remember things in their notebooks and observe the performance of the players. Tomorrow morning, he will fly to Chongqing, with the team. For Bruno, how to make the face of the new and old women’s transition to complete the transition is not easy. And his future pressure may be greater than now. It is understood that in the next four years, the Chinese Football Association will not sign a contract with the world’s top eight goals with Bruno. In other words, the Chinese women’s national team will advance to the world’s top four. Perhaps the women’s football team in eight years to return to the Olympic Games, after a lapse of eight years into the Olympic quarterfinals to people with confidence. But from the point of view of the women’s football team, the most simple is to hope that their efforts to get some attention. Just before the training, a team told reporters, the women’s Olympic bonus has not in place. " in March this year to achieve the Olympic qualifying, women’s football for the Rio Olympic Games training for 2 months, finally won the eighth Olympic Games, it is not easy. The game is over for 2 months, a penny bonus to the Olympics did not see. " the team said. Usually, the Football Association of the national team of the major prize is expressly, race and corresponding bonus, " a " it should not be a very complex thing. It is understood that the women’s football World Cup last year, 6 million yuan bonus also postponed the release of only $two. " we also believe that the football association will sooner or later. " the team said. According to previous media reports, the country’s 12 strong tournament qualifying bonus up to $60 million, the top 12 single game winning bonus is $3 million. The Olympic Games women’s quarter finals prize is only 6 million yuan, is not too much. No matter how much, for the Football Association, the timely payment should not be difficult. I hope this late in the autumn, not cool women’s girls heart.相关的主题文章: