Wong Cho Lam wife Leanne Li suspected pregnant bellies of pregnant women as birthday Macy Chan and Leanne Li listen to each other as a suspected pregnancy belly Wong Cho Lam put down all the work, and send pink roses Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 27th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Wong Cho Lam [micro-blog] is "wife", the wife Leanne Li 32 years old birthday, he put down all the work stay at home, for the wife birthday, send pink roses. The 35 year old friend Macy Chan [micro-blog] is uploaded with Leanne Li pretending to listen to each other belly photos, attracted all pregnant speculation. Wong Cho Lam is the wife’s birthday last night (November 26th) about 10 points, Wong Cho Lam to his wife in the micro-blog pictures on the sweet flowers, he had a funny look; Leanne Li looked at the flowers are full of joy. Wong Cho Lam said: "I am sorry for all the clients, my wife’s birthday today, so the work is off! All the friends I’m sorry, today the wife birthday dinner, so do not go! I am sorry for all my fans, my wife’s birthday today, so the message does not reply! Dear wife I’m sorry! I can only stay at home with you today!" Leanne Li: Macy Chan and Gou Yunhui pretended to play for Leanne Li’s birthday on the two, Macy Chan and Leanne Li photo, especially from a low angle, listen to each other as a suspected pregnant belly. Macy Chan message: "Happy birthday baby" also refers to the art of photo; Leanne Li forwarded give red. Netizens ask whether they are pregnant? Yesterday (November 26th) to prove to Leanne Li, she replied: we just pretend to play height!" (Ying Ying) (commissioning editor: rice)相关的主题文章: