World sports news: Barcelona winter to buy Leigh F Steiner – Sohu sports according to the world sports news, the latest news, Barcelona plans to introduce Juventus star in January next year, Leigh F Steiner. Leigh F Steiner is about to join Barcelona? The Swiss International Club and the existing contract until June 2017, until now the two sides have not at work out an ideal result, and the name of Leigh F Steiner did not even appear in the Juventus Champions League list. With him in Serie A chance to play less and less, he chose to leave in the middle of the season has also become a kind of possible. According to the "world sports daily" reported that Barcelona hope right back depth of reinforcing the team in January, they are considering to introduce Leigh F Steiner to replace Arrakis vidal. The 33 year old has only a contract with Juve for only about a month, and the club is certainly not going to ask for a high transfer fee to the team they are taking over. Before the main side of the Barcelona defender Alves joined the Bianconeri in the summer, if the choice of landing in the winter in the field of Nokamp, then this means that Barcelona and Juventus to achieve a right back swap in the.相关的主题文章: