Wu Yifan inspection report leaked Huadong Hospital to apologize: thorough investigation of Sohu entertainment Wu Yifan medical report by the hospital internal leakage   Huadong Hospital apology will seriously deal with the       Sohu entertainment news recently, the network spread Wu Yifan medical examination report. 10 evening, the East China Hospital Affiliated to the Fudan University issued a briefing, said the investigation is full, once found some serious treatment, will not be tolerated. Yesterday (November 10th) evening, East Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University official micro-blog released the briefing, said at 3 pm, the hospital was informed that the individual personnel in violation of school regulations of Ji, Wu Yifan will be an image inspection report is sent to the Internet, a serious leakage of personal privacy information of Wu Yifan and Wu Yifan, to hurt and distress. The hospital to apologize, said after the incident, a number of departments with a variety of ways to conduct a thorough investigation, is currently in full investigation. Once found, must be severely dealt with according to the law, will not be tolerated. The hospital also added that Wu Yifan has been working with the studio to communicate in a timely manner, has also received feedback from the studio of Wu Yifan. Extended reading > > > and these star information has been leaked! The morning ice property information is exposed users complaints of Qingdao Housing Authority privacy net exposure Fan Bingbing and Li Chen real estate information figure   Fan Bingbing Li Chen bought nearly 10 million of real estate in Qingdao news was exposed, users also drying out of the picture property information. In this regard, some netizens questioned, Qingdao city land resources and Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the "Qingdao Housing Authority") related personnel suspected of using his position, and violations of personal privacy information leakage and citizen complaints in the Bureau’s official website. March 17th afternoon, the Qingdao Housing Authority Discipline Inspection Commission staff said that the Council to investigate and deal with complaints and reports. Fan Bingbing Li Chen responded: security according to leaked airport security staff Fan Bingbing Starchaser photos leaked     Li Chen security photos leaked on January 5th morning, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen at the Yantai Lanshan Airport network circulated photos, after a number of local media reports. Some netizens questioned photos for airport security monitoring, alleged violations of privacy. Yesterday afternoon, Yantai Lanshan Airport security department staff said, there are young people to take Starchaser monitor computer screen, upload network is forwarded. Friends in drying out photos of Fan Bingbing and Li Chen, said the two appeared in the Laishan airport, suspected to see parents. Some netizens questioned, photos suspected of airport security monitoring, the airport is suspected of leaking personal privacy. Yesterday morning, the Beijing News reporter found that in the two photos of the Chinese name, document number, English name and other passenger information, suspected of airport monitoring. Today, around 16 PM, the Laishan airport security department staff said, there are young people love Starchaser, see Fan Bingbing and Li Chen by security, photographed using a mobile phone monitoring computer screen, then upload to the network, netizens forwarding. Li Yifeng Yang Yang identity information was leaked to the families of police suspected Li Yifeng, Yang Yang identity information disclosure before the date, Li Yifeng, Yang Yang two相关的主题文章: