Xiamen is home to 7 non qualified crude oil trading company is out! Taiwan network November 14th news (Strait Herald reporter Zhang Yu Wen (micro-blog) tour map) without a crude oil business qualification by commodity trading company, more than a year, the rapid development of the country member units, and then through a member of crazy customers, let customers dazzling in the business products trading center "the result is" crude oil trading, customers lose everything. According to the victim estimates, the total loss of customers, is a terrorist amount. They repeatedly petition Xiamen industry and commerce, public security, finance and other relevant departments, so far more than half a year ago, or did not get a refund. Xiamen at least hundreds of people were complaints by fraud in October 24, 2015, a victim of the housewife made a "don’t touch" oil complaint posts in many websites, accusing them of being cheated by commodity trading center out, the money is the home of the elderly money, now home to my parents and my husband ignore her, family relationship collapsed. Victims said she was pulled into the WeChat group, the staff has been preaching the benefits of fried spot crude oil. Funds are also safely placed in the Bank of third party custody. Talk about profit does not say losses, risk control, can make a lot of money, and the fact that the facts, often made a huge profit shots and delivery orders to induce friends. In August 27, 2015, her first investment, in strict accordance with the instructions of the "teacher", but a loss, when her retarded, as long as she challenged each other or disappeared for several days, or for the teacher, but cannot do without her "money money", only. The amount of investment to fanben. She added two investment, the results of less than half a month, she lost $110 thousand, which accounted for more than 40% of fees. Later, she learned from other victims, this loss is not a normal investment risk brought about, but the mentor teacher artificially fooled results. What is more, reflects the victim, "by some employees directly to the customer’s account and password, directly buying a surgeon, not even a fraction in the end thanks to". Recently, the victim Shen said that when the government departments to coordinate the matter, he was informed that the company has nearly 200 members in the development of the country, the victims may be tens of thousands of people across the country. A petition, he pressed fingerprints fill out the information, see more than and 100 petitioners. Many of these victims of nearly 2 million yuan capital, less a few million yuan. He was cheated 340 thousand yuan did not get back. At the beginning of this year, the first batch of rights of the people, there are dozens of people took back the money cheated, but he knows that there are still hundreds of people in Xiamen at least call to recover. Wake up "Mr. Yuan network electronic gambling" designed in Beijing said the victim, he was cheated 790 thousand yuan, that is his bad luck, but I was found by "query to business qualification by and its member units, business license by commodity trading center had no spot oil, suspected of illegal business". In accordance with the State Council [2011]38, [2012]37 document, the spot must be one hundred percent of physical transactions, spot transactions must be T+5 physical;相关的主题文章: