Yibin traffic police take the initiative to contact the navigation route adjustment to change the new enterprise network map – Sichuan online news (reporter Kenneth Tsang Kong Tang Zewen) Yibin city traffic routes have been adjusted, the Yibin Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment to actively take the initiative to contact to provide navigation map service enterprises, more new Yibin city traffic map, to facilitate travel. In September 22nd, a reporter from the Yibin city traffic police detachment was informed that currently has updated the old city, South to the Yangtze River along the bridge, Da Xi Kou Rongzhou bridge in key areas such as transportation map, is expected to complete the update before the national day. From the beginning of April 26th this year closed gate bridge maintenance and reinforcement, Yibin city traffic police detachment started circulating urban traffic organization plan, the urban traffic route for large-scale adjustment, disrupted the travel habits of drivers. In order to facilitate travel, alleviate the pressure of front-line police officers on duty, Yibin city traffic police detachment initiative with a number of navigation map service companies, to provide Yibin’s circular traffic organization roadmap, specific programs, the recommended route and other basic data to the enterprise, will be updated. In the National Day golden week before, Yibin city traffic police detachment will continue to field validation, data acquisition of Baidu maps and other system again, and strive to complete the main road map data and node updates, let the public know how to walk fast Yibin traffic route.相关的主题文章: