Yields dropped lower and lower bank financial products can also buy it this year, the bank financial market somewhat inferior". At present, financial products yields continued to decline, has dropped from more than 5% to the beginning of the year to 3% – 4%, less than universal insurance and other financial products, which led to a significant slowdown in the growth rate of financial products. However, as a long-term asset allocation products favored by domestic residents, the allocation of bank financing needs to reduce it? Buy do not buy? The scale of growth is slowing down Puyi standard monitoring data show that the guaranteed financial products issued in August joint-stock banks 6 months to 12 months of financial products, the average expected rate of return of 3.02%, non guaranteed financial products of 6 to 12 months of financial products, the average expected rate of return of 4.22%, the average income of financial products more than 12 months was 4.14%. Compared to other financial products, such as insurance universal insurance products yield significantly lower. The yield is low, the enthusiasm of investors to invest in natural decline, the scale of financial products is in a slowdown trend. The official website of the debt issued on board the China Banking financial market report (2016 in the first half) shows that at the end of 2016 at the end of 6, the overall balance of financial products reached $26 trillion and 280 billion in the first half increased by 11.83%. Compared to the first half of 2015 and the second half of the scale of financial growth of 3 trillion and 500 billion yuan and $4 trillion and 980 billion in the first half of this year, the growth rate of $2 trillion and 780 billion slowed significantly. However, in the information management department of China Everbright Bank Deputy General Manager Pan Dong, personal investment, no matter how to configure, must hold a share of cash assets to ensure that this year, of course this is not to say that a bunch of cash at home, but you can put some deposit in the bank. At the same time, with the expected rate of return of financial products is also a good substitute for cash. Due to the current market is more volatile, holding cash, or cash substitutes, will be able to effectively grasp the market opportunities. VIP customers prefer financial products." A joint-stock bank financial senior manager said that with the mobile banking more intelligent, VIP customers to buy financial products will be more frequent. What to buy? Risk aversion can choose long-term products to buy bank financial customers are generally risk averse, basically not too many alternatives." Puyi wealth researcher Fan Jie believes that the risk preference does not change the customer, you can use the time for space, choice of products, this is because the long-term product than the short-term product yield is high, and the current yield decline is a process, investors need to lock in gains, if investors can bear greater risk, can consider long-term layout the investment fund. Pan Dong believes that different banks issued different financial products, the degree of risk is not the same. First of all, we must choose a good financial management bank, which is particularly important, the bank’s past management capabilities, risk control level is a factor to be considered. Secondly, non-standard bank assets, bond products, money market products, product risk degree is completely different, if it is low risk investors can choose the class of fixed income products, high risk if investors can buy structured financial products linked to the stock market. Top half consultation相关的主题文章: