Dental-Care The maxillofacial surgeon, or as widely known an oral surgeon, is basically a dentist whose specialty is tooth extraction and jaw surgery. While the term dentist may be too general a definition for this type of surgeon, oral surgery covers a wide spectrum of problems that may also include injuries and defects in the head and neck. They also deal with identification and resection of oral tumors, placement of implants, as well as the restoration of deficient bone and gum tissue and treat conditions such as cleft palate. One of the most .mon dental practices involves wisdom tooth removal. Being the last set to develop, wisdom teeth emerge from the gum line when the jaw is large enough to ac.modate them. In some instances nature fails to take its course and the third molars fail to emerge in a proper alignment or from beneath the gum line trapped between the jawbone and gum tissue. This often results in infection of the gum tissue, swelling and pain. Such a situation may require immediate wisdom tooth extraction. It should be noted that this condition can also happen to any other of the teeth. One of the more important dental procedures involves dental implants. This option is suitable for people who have suffered any form of tooth loss due to an accident or infection. Implants act as substitutes for tooth roots which are surgically anchored in place in the jawbone, acting as a support frame for the artificial teeth to which they attach. This technique, .monly referred to in medical circles as implant dentistry, requires the patient to have adequate bone level and density. Moreover, the individual should not be prone to infection and needs to maintain good oral hygiene practices. .mon jaw-related problems may include unequal jaw growth, where the upper and lower jaws fail to grow properly causing difficulty in speaking, eating, swallowing and breathing. This may require surgery which focuses on moving all or part of the jaw into a new more balanced position. The surgery also helps in correcting the jaw structure for first-time denture wearers. This aids in the improved fit of the dentures. In some critical cases, bone grafts may be added to areas where little bone material is left. About the Author: Dr Robert Novo is based in Staten Island NY, he offers a range of Dental Procedures including Dental Implants, wisdom tooth removal, treatment of infections and oral cancer screening. For more information visit Dental Implants Staten Island Article Published On: By: Stacie Lopez – Many people suffer from various dental problems and end up losing their self-esteem and confidence in front of others. Naturally, you do not want to be one of them. By: Carolyn Butler – There is no medicine to cure the pain permanently. If tooth root is infected, there is no other way except doing root canal treatment. By: Little-schwab.. – A perfect smile has been said to be a key criterion for success and happiness. Besides giving you a dazzling smile that helps you to be socially popular, it also makes a huge difference in the way you feel ab … By: – The quest for having a whiter teeth is being joined by an increasing number of people as the society looks on to whiter teeth as a more attractive feature. By: smartweb – When it .es to getting whiter teeth, there are a lot of options available in front of you. By: smartweb – When it .es to effectively bleaching your teeth, the secret cannot get any simpler then getting the right product and the correct method of using them. By: smartweb – If you are thinking of the best ways to get teeth whitening done, then do not worry- you are not alone. By: Carolyn Butler – Since we used to be children, we’ve heard much about the value of maintaining "good dental hygiene", but its usually assumed that we already understand what it means. Sadly, we generally assume that we all … By: shaun martin – The wires in those brackets and the rubber bands are putting a slow, constant pressure on your teeth, moving them to their proper places. By: Shenu Patel – Cosmetic Dentistry helps in enhancing your looks: Dentists not only provide the remedies for various issues related to the teeth, but they can also help in provide enhancing the look with the help of Cosmetic … 相关的主题文章: