These abnormal activities of Yun Baobao, the pregnant mother must know maternal – Sohu in four months, the mother will feel fetal movement, in the uterus, the fetus can feel the outside world, if the stimulus is too large, it will be abnormal, said the fetus has a potential health hazard. What movement is abnormal? Can you pick up the baby’s distress signal? Pregnant women how to identify abnormal fetal? (a), 1 physiological factors factors under normal circumstances fetal biological clock morning afternoon evening, at least, to active again in the evening. But the fetal circadian clock is different, may have different movement. 2 pregnant women and influencing factors of pregnant women movement, posture, mood changes, or external sound, light and strong touch of abdominal movements, can cause fetal movement. (two) 1, a sudden decrease in fetal pathological factors cause fever, reduce the amount of amniotic fluid of pregnant women: Taking sedatives. If pregnant women body fever continued more than 38 degrees Celsius, the fetus may reduce the volume of activities, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible. And to reduce the amount of amniotic fluid or pregnant women taking sedatives will also reduce the number of that movement. 2 reasons: pregnant women and fetal movement suddenly accelerated severe trauma. The pregnant woman is violent collision force, will cause severe fetal movement. 3, the movement suddenly intensified reasons: placental abruption. After mid pregnancy, pregnant women if there is pressure hypertension, trauma, short time uterus reduced, prone to fetal hypoxia, increased fetal movement, vaginal bleeding, uterine contraction, a serious cause of shock. A sudden stop causes 4, shortness of fetal umbilical cord around the neck, tied after. The umbilical cord is too long to wrap around the neck and body of the fetus, the fetus is easy to be blocked, hypoxia, asphyxia, resulting in rapid movement and suddenly stop the phenomenon, which is abnormal fetal signal. The evaluation criterion of normal fetal abnormal fetal movement: we have 12 hours of fetal monitoring at home and abroad, namely early, middle and late fixed time each measuring 1 hours 3 times the sum of fetal number multiplied by the total number of 4, which is 12 hours the number of fetal movement. The general movement is more than 3 times and 12 hours in the fetal 10 ~ 20 times as normal. Abnormal fetal movement counting standard: if the movement time is less than or equal to 3 hours, 12 hours less than 10 ~ 20 times the movement is abnormal. The average number of pregnant women can be calculated if the quickening times a week, every day the number of fetal movement is greater than the average number of 50%, or less than the average number of 30%, but also for abnormal fetal movement. In addition, if frequent movement or non-stop agitation, may also be fetal hypoxia performance. The movement is one of the ways to reflect fetal health, mothers should pay attention to whether the abnormal fetal oh. How to carry out the abnormal fetal movement [points] diet health? Care diet diet with rich nutrition, digestible diet principle, Xin Wen Xiang dryness, blood, spicy, hypertrophy, frying products, such as safflower, peach etc.. 1, kidney deficiency should eat Gushen Antai, kidney qi products, such as meat, stewed gelatin and other nuclear. Therapeutic side: AI Ye egg soup (Wormwood Leaves, eggs, brown sugar). Two相关的主题文章: