Zhang Guotong: pay attention to the $1.1180 to support the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Euro rangebound consolidation, nearly two days of above 1.1250 1.1260 regional pressure, yesterday received a small Yin column. From the graphical point of view, the main direction of the euro band continuing bearish unchanged, today’s focus above the 1.1240 strong resistance and below 1.1180 strong support. Yesterday, the other non US currencies have dropped in, because the euro and the United States that goes completely opposite, so the problem is not whether to raise interest rates in the United States before the answer, the euro fell to such bad news will crash, in the time period may also need to wait, only the key is whether the rebound fell again once, test 1.1280. Or directly down, this band is thinking the same target of 1.0720 areas. No specific trading strategy today for everyone. The United States that the United States that as expected to continue to step back on the run, the exchange rate once again approaching the 95.70 region. From the graphical point of view, K-line form did not succeed before the firm above 95.70 partial bearish beauty, but the overall analysis, the United States that shortly after the band still firmly bullish, 98.80 regional target band. Today, the top 95.70 resistance concerns, did not succeed in front of the break, there may be tangled in the bottom of the shock, the interval is 95.70-94.80. The success of the firm above 95.70, the United States refers to straight up the probability will increase. No specific operational recommendations today. As expected the pound rebounded to 1.3350 after the start of the lowest exchange rate today fell 1.3166, approaching the target 1.3150 areas. From the graphics point of view, the pound fell too much yesterday, today, 1.3150 did not succeed before the break, there is a need to upgrade, the top concern of the strong resistance of the 1.3240 regions of 1.3260, after the rally can continue to pound. Market outlook recommendations: 1.3260 short sterling area, stop loss of 1.3340, the target looks at the area of the 1.3050, if the success of the break, and then look at the region of the 1.2880 and 1.2800. Stop loss today, remember the light warehouse operations, strict stop. After the rebound in gold gold fell, but the rebound did not reach the expected high point, the overall figure is still very weak. From the graphics point of view, the gold is still in a downward pattern in the operation of the shock, the main direction of this band is still short, the outlook is concerned about the top 1333 strong resistance in the area, before the success of the break, continue to short gold. Today’s resistance above 13221329, below the support of 13031280. Silver is expected to be able to support up to 18.70, the 19.25 continued to slow down, closed column yesterday. From the figure, the overall decline in silver or silver, having to continue to do the 17.80 band gaps, 17.15 unchanged. Today, below the 18.70 concern, did not break before, the greater the probability of a rebound again, continue to wait after the rebound altitude, focus on the top 19.10 and the top 19.25 resistance. Operational recommendations: 19.10相关的主题文章: